Incorrect Highest Trophies in Player Profile

My highest trophies on my profile is 200 lower than my highest in game. It shows 2900, but I have screenshots of myself over 3100.


Two of my alliance members have recently noticed this issue as well.

Same here, all other scores on the Profile are up to date. But highest trophys never changed for several Days.

We’ve seen this in my alliance as well…I wondered if they only recorded a set period of time? Say the last month? Just guessing though…

This is what people are talking about. Please fix. Thanks!


This was my response from Support. Sounds like it’s beeing fixed!


This issue will be fixed in the next update, my apologies for the problem!


Thanks Petri! Thanks Petri!


Just suck it up[eat the 3100 cause that’s/it’s obviously not there and complaining about it isn’t going to help sorry

Um…are you telling a poster from four months ago that his post—which Petri said was valid—is invalid? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m not saying that post and/or concern is valid nor invalid I’m just trying to state the fact of: there really is nothing you or I can do until they fic the bugs in the game itself…
just to clarify

I’m still trying to connect your advice to a situation which by now probably has been rectified. :wink:

Welcome to the Forums by the way! :slight_smile:

FYI, this is not just a place for complaints this is the Bugs and Issues forums. I reported an issue, and it was fixed. So… ‘complaining about it’ does in fact help.

Several players here on the forums are instrumental in assisting the devs in finding bugs. The game is huge, and little details will always be missed. Thorough and well documented demonstrations of the errors in hand are a big help to the team.