Incorrect Battlefield War Score Allocation

Looking at war scores for individual players in our alliance on the battlefield and a player with a TP of 3999 is worth 74 points while another with a TP of 4442 is worth 72 points.

There is no doubt that the roster of the player with the higher TP is significantly stronger, surely this is incorrecty

It’s based on health (HP) of the team - not team power.


Points for each team are based on total HP, not Team Power.

So it’s quite common for a “stronger” team to be worth fewer points, depending on the Heroes and Troops.


Oh, wow!! I didn’t know that! I was actually just wondering that today!

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Thanks for the answer but that is news to me and maybe should be made more widely known as every member of my alliance thought it was TP and some like me have been playing for years

Depends on what part of the forums you frequent. Had this discussion with nevarmaor regarding how the points actually break down: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER

Between us we have data to back up our main claim to how the points are distributed in accordance to health.

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