Inconsistent stackin nerfs for the new heroes


Hey SG,

I’ve obviously not been the biggest fan of your recent changes (update 1.6) in the stacking mechanisms, but the least I could say was that you were consistent. All defense buffs and debuffs would cancel eachother out, athena would override grimm’s, or kiril (if he was activated in a defense during the raid).

Now I am playing your event (yay, new stuff to do, good job!)… and it doesn’t seem to work that way. First mate Boomer’s defense buff (against holy) is not overridden with Athena’s defense debuff. I can honestly see 2 options here why, and I don’t think I’m happy with either.

Option 1: the new hero has a ‘mistake’ and still needs to be fixed. Like many special heroes from before, I guess it wasn’t tested enough. (would be good to let people know beforehand, you know, before they spend money trying to get a hero that will be altered)

Option 2: this was meant this way. Meaning that the previous update wasn’t so much to make everything fair as of why certain effects don’t stack because they affect the same status, but more a big middle finger to anyone using athena or brienne.

Hope to hear which one it is, or ideally a better option I personally didn’t think of!


Very good points! I hope(?) its due to lack of testing.


I pick option 2, thanks.


Doesn’t Wu’s special still stack after update 1.6?


Loorts: it’s the same implementation as Kashrek. AFAIK it’s intentional and not broken; I actually don’t see it as inconsistent at all but that’s probably splitting hairs :slight_smile:


Wu does still stack yeah, afaik he is the only one who does. His accuracy with the new blind update does severely affect the stackability and therefore usability with damage debuffers though, but that isn’t the point i’m trying to make :slight_smile:

@Revelate I get it up to a certain extend, but doesn’t it strike you as inconsistent at all that both affect defense in a different way (kassh and boomer increase defense against one colour, athena lowers def against all per turn), whilst the stacking of different defense effects was eliminated because they were both affecting defense? Maybe I’m too biased because I used both Athena and Grimm/Gormek, but I personally don’t think it is consistent. If you remove the stacking on the basis of the fact that both effects affect the same stat (defense), it is weird to me that you allow this.

I tried rerolling defenses untill I found a Kashrek, couldn’t find one to test if it still ‘stacks’ or stays if I hit it with a defense debuff, I’ll take your word for it Rev.

I get that I might be more annoyed than others because the update struck me harder, but I honestly don’t see the logic of removing certain defense ‘stacks’ but allowing others.


You probably won’t see him at your level; it’s mostly my alt though I have been fustruated by him occasionally on my main as an Athena user: he is pretty underrated as a mid-rank tank but I digress.

I was also affected to the same degree (~42% reduction in damage with the stacking change) and I have never expected a specific defense such as Boomer or Kashrek or Kadilien to be overwritten by a general armor debuff.

I am pretty sure that was intended, that things like Magni and Kadilien would stack for example though I don’t know how the math would work out nor have I seen many Kadiliens anyway; however, I trust that the developers are both reading this forum and also keeping something of an eye in game with regard to competitive balance: if this isn’t what was desired they can change it, but honestly if my using Athena could overwrite all defensive buffs regardless of type, that seems like a less rich game as far as raid strategy.

For this challenge I can understand the annoyance as some of the mechanics are awkward to deal with; however I really don’t expect it to be an issue in PVP: as you suggest Kashrek isn’t that common and what makes him annoying is having the strongest heal in the game more than shutting down my Athena fairly effectively. Boomer, ain’t skeered.