Inconceivable!: A laid-back alliance for all

Inconceivable! is one of three alliances in the Sherwood Rogues alliance family. It’s therefore an ideal alliance for either new players or for retiring players who need a break from high-level competition.

For new players: we offer access to experienced players who can offer advice and coaching. As a member of an alliance family, you may have the opportunity to move up to the mid-level alliance or even the high-level competitive alliance someday. Or stay with us and chill for a few years. We’d love to have you.

For retiring players: a number of our alliance members are former Rogues who just need a break (temporarily or permanently) from the hectic, stressful life in a high-powered alliance. You won’t be the only 4000+ defense team on the battlefield, but there will be no expectation to login and play 3+ hours per day.

The alliance is open until the start of the next Path of Valor. We hope to see you there.

Bump. Great group of friendly players. We’re a little low on members right now, but those who are here are dedicated to the alliance and use their flags on every war. Come on in; we’d love to have you!

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