Inclusion of Hero Capacity Increase Offer

Inclusion of Hero Capacity Increase Offer

Due to the large number of hero releases in almost all summoning portals, the spaces available to store heroes have become insufficient, forcing the purchase with gems of the “increase hero capacity” feature in the in-game store.
In the beginning, 50 gems are requested for 5 spaces and it remains on 50 gems up to 5 times, increasing to 100 gems, 150 gems, 200 gems and so on, and at some point it becomes unfeasible to obtain these spaces due to the high cost of the yolks.
The portals (according to the event / portal) have summons that can be:

Summoning X1 = 300 and 350 gems
Summoning X10 = 2600 and 3000 gems
Summoning X30 = 7500 gems

And following this logic it is almost impossible to store heroes and feeders in the available spaces.
To remedy this issue, I suggest and hope that Small Giant / Zinga would appreciate the inclusion of a “Hero Capacity Boost Offer” available only during portals / events so that we can have room for new purchases.
The suggestion would be as follows:

25 spaces = $1.99 USD -----> In Stock: 3
30 spaces = $2.99 ​​USD -----> In Stock: 2
50 spaces = $4.99 USD -----> In Stock: 1

Optionally to be attractive include World Energy Flask or Titan Energy Flask.

I hope Small Giant / Zinga as well as the forum community to help be deployed in a future update.

To moderators, if there are previous topics on the same subject, feel free to merge.

Thanks !

At the very least VIP users should get +10 or whatever roster space for as long as VIP is active, not that I have it lol

It could be an interesting alternative! And if you think that the more space you have the better, the greater the summons for heroes and feeders.

I buy the VIP pass monthly and it would be one more alternative :+1:.

Got my vote our minds must of been in snyc are you a dragon by any chance? Was literally talking about this earlier…

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Got my vote… Excellent thread :beer:

I like the idea of including Extra roster apace as a package based on number of pulls a player does… similar to the bonus ascension chest.

Also : 1 roster space deals :

  • Per certain number of pulls.
  • Pops up in Mystic vision
  • Pops up in various chests

This would be practical - linked to revenue that SG wants to earn from everything possible avenue & also reward player for engaging / playing !

Kkkk… I’m not a dragon…but I like to share good ideas !!!

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Thank you very much, I hope others in the community will also appreciate it!!!

I believe that the implementation of this idea will be quick if it is approved by SG / Zinga. It is very frustrating to have too many heroes and not have enough space to store them, it ends up discouraging new acquisitions and later on you lose interest in the game.

I agree. I’m over 300 on space but costs 450 per 5 slots. Honestly, if the gem costs increase, so should the amount of slots by 5 every time the gem costs goes up by 50

No player would say no to more hero slots. But I think that it should be free for people who already spend considerable amounts of money.

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I see something positive for everyone with this idea, everyone wins in general, SG in revenue, players win in being able to make more calls with available space, as long as the OFFER IS ACCESSIBLE AND CHEAP VALUE !!!

I totally agree… but we know that’s not how it works, someone has to earn to be profitable.

We are used to see offers when they put 1 single interesting item and they fill the pack with trash just to raise the price. Extra slot packs would be a nice addition IMHO.

If it’s free, it can be more difficult to obtain and can end up increasing the frustration of those who need space. Now, if it’s like an OFFER, the chance to get it is infinitely greater and satisfies the need. And wait and see what happens :pray:

In the last “ask developers” thingie, there was quite direct promise (or so I read it – stupid me) about making roster space increases cheaper, due to hugely increased hero counts.

… still waiting for the change :rofl:

Who knows this comes true? Having space available for heroes with the amount of releases is impossible? I’m hoping the idea goes ahead :grin:

Hello community!!! I come again to raise the idea because of the news (very bad) regarding the removal of the 5 old events, which is bad for most who like the heroes of these events (myself included). Now it will be a race to catch as many heroes as possible, thus depleting the available space. SGG For the love of its faithful players and for the sake of those who spend their time in this game, deploy the OFFER as described for upcoming events, it will help everyone to be able to summon and have space to evolve our dear heroes… United community help us to spread :pray:. Thanks !

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The matter cooled off, no one else spoke :cold_face:… I was disappointed because it could be a great solution for the lack of space :frowning:.

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