Include Tyr in Red Monos?

Having played around with Tyr for a couple of weeks, I’ve formed some opinions on him, basically very solid on defense, but his damage special is like shooting a feather. Fun to play with on offense because he’s so tough to kill, but disappointing hit.

My question becomes would you put Tyr in your red mono? Especially for tournaments where hitting hard is important.

Most red monos typically have an arrangement like:

Boldy - Wilbur - Guardian Falcon - AoE - AoE

The AoE’s might be Gardian Kong, Anzogh, Azlar, but you see some that don’t have AoE’s but may have Lancelot, Marj, or Scarlett.

Tyr’s a loner, with no synergies with other heroes.

Maybe take out one of the AoE’s for Tyr? I’m leaning to no. But maybe I would if I was using Lancelot, Scarlett or Azlar, since they’re so glassy.

Tyr’s base tile damage is still top 5 (below Azlar & Kong though) but the other matter is that his DoT stacks with similar effects and in a world where all the Fire heroes burn damage overwrites, he helps contribute a stackable DoT with other heroes like Azlar, GM, Marjana who all have burns.

Haven’t tested anything and I don’t run mono so this is more theoretical musings on my part.

The stacking burn is one synergy. Thanks for pointing that out. But it’s just about 50 / turn on one opponent.

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