Include Kalile in my team or not?

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My actual tema is Gafar (4* purple), Scarlett (4* red), Bane (3* yellow), Ulmer (3* blue) and Belith (3* green, healer).

And now, in a epic heroe summon, I got Kelile (4* red). Should I include it in my team? Who should I replace? Or it is a bad idea to play with two heroes of the same color and no heroe of one color?

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Depends on what you’re doing, but in general I’d replace Ulmer with her when she is leveled up enough.


I have the same thing, although with Gormek & Kelile. I would level both, and use both when called for, such as fighting green teams/titans. Here is a link I was just reading.

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Scarlet Gormek or Kelile?

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I think Kelile is one of the worst 4* heroes, is it true?

Probably. But that doesn’t make her useless.

If you are done leveling up your Scarlett I would say level Kelile up. You can still use her as a second red as the others have said. Should you later get something better you will still be able to use her in war for quite a while.

I have both Kelile and Scarlett maxed and Kelile is more versatile overall. Plus, she can take a hit, which Scarlett definitely cannot do. I wouldn’t put her in tank position but a flank? Absolutely. She hits pretty hard too—not as hard as Scarlett, of course, and with lower tile damage, but she’s still really good. I do use them both on green titans and stuff, though Kelile has effectively been replaced in my lineup by Marjana, who does the exact same stuff but better.

Anchor has Kelile at a C and Marjana at an A in his ratings. I think one is a more advanced version of the other, so I don’t understand the disparity of the ratings.

Either way, I’d be careful running without a rainbow team on the map and in raids. It’s too important to have everyone hitting and doing damage esp at early player levels. I tried it for awhile around level 20 or so and regretted it.

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While “The grades for 3 star heroes are on their own metric and should not be compared to the 4 and 5 star hero grades above” 4 :star: and 5 :star: heroes are compared between themself for what they does.

And how about to use scarlett and kelile in trophies? Only in defense team to avoid to attack without a rainbow team?

Any 4* will be better than a 3* on defense regardless of color or quality. Kelile gets a bad rap because most of the red 4*s are very good (Boldtusk, Gormek, Falcon, Scarlett, Lancelot, Colen), making her look bad by comparison. I think she’s definitely worth the blades if you don’t have other options.

DIdn’t Kelile get a boost recently? I thought she was a decent sniper when I was starting out.

Agree 100% - plus she just got a small bump by the dev’s in the latest release and when facing her, I can tell the difference. She is definitely more of a threat than she was.

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