Include a War Chest


Similar to the monster, hero, and titan chests, why not implement a war chest?

It would take even the best alliances a few weeks, and some of the worst maybe a month or two, to fill, and it could be chalk full of great rewards: a real boon for everyone involved. A guaranteed 3- or 4-star ascension item, 100+k ham and steel, some respectable craft items, etc.

It would certainly give everyone further incentive to buy into the new feature, and would be tremendous fun for alliances to work toward.

War Chest - win 5 wars to fill the chest
Alliance war rewards
War Chest - win 5 wars to fill the chest
Chest for War
War awards

Weeks to fill up? I like the idea of a war chest… But don’t think it should be that hard to earn. A way to make it rewarding without being too easy to accomplish is for every 1k points an alliance earns in war they advance a point in the chest. After 15 points earned the chest is open.

Of course that type of system would have to come after they finish making alliance wars work. Matchmaking and cheating has been too large a hurdle so far.


I think they should focus on matchmaking because aliance score is a big big mistake and make the game unfair. Also alliances exploit this score by cup dropping. I think they have to make some good rewards but when the war is functional and fair. Right now is a joke!


Meh. I don’t like the word cheating unless someone is physically breaking the rules of the game, but I agree, the matchmaking system needs tinkering.

As for the rewards, I do think they should take awhile to earn. With two wars a week, and with the wars already coming with their own rewards, it would seem to make more sense as a longer term thing. And that’s okay, it seems to me, as we have other chests that we can do on a day by day (heroes and monsters) and week by week (titans) basis. It’d be nice to have another guaranteed-to-be-excellent reward, akin to events and special chests.


It breaks from the tradition of the rest of the chests that way. The titan chests never take longer than a week to fill and the rewards for it aren’t guaranteed to be excellent just like they shouldn’t be for alliance wars.

Let me explain, with titan loot the stronger the monster the better the rewards. Killing 5 10* titans doesn’t guarantee better titan chest loot.

I’m of the camp that alliance wars needs ranking and better rewards for higher tier challenges. Thus I don’t agree that a war chest should guarantee anything other than that participation has its own rewards.

This is how all other wanted missions work presently and I think that pattern fits best.


This would encourage more alliances to alter their alliance score to guarantee wins in AW. I rather keep it the way it is until match making is more fair.


I like the Idea of having a war chest. 5 wins opens the chest. Have the chest equal to the loot of an elemental chest. All members of that alliance get the same loot. The loot tiers could be based off of team score, this would also stop the cup dropping. Nobody is gonna want to drop cups for lower tier loot


I don’t follow your logic, if loot tier is based off score wouldn’t a higher alliance want to cup drop and face weaker opponents to get a higher score for better loot?


War chest would be a nice feature


Every 10k of alliance score could be a different teir of loot so team score of say 50-60k would be a tier ect. ect.


I think a war chest is a great idea! Would encourage participation. Loot tiers based on overall alliance scores just like the matching system, if you drop cups you drop tiers. 5 wins gets a chest with loot similar to an elemental chest in quality, but higher tiers get better loot overall.


So you think that winning and losing wars should also affect alliance score? Or just that since folks are in a top 50 hitting 8* and higher titans already they deserve better rewards from participating in alliance wars?

Alliance score currently has nothing to do with the wars and to me shouldn’t be factored into a war chest reward system. It should honestly be taken out of the matchmaking process too…


I think the introduction of a war chest would be a great idea.

I also agree that matchmaking isn’t perfect but that was not the issue of this topic.


Then again, if there was no tier system for loot, would it draw the higher ranked players into lower ranked alliances just too fill a chest? Hmm!
That would stir things up a bit.


To answer your question nitrous, yes I do think members of a top slliance should get better loot for the wars. Also I am far from being a top player, but eventually I will work my wayup towards the top 100 with my alliance. So progressively we will grow and get better loot as we do so.


That kind of thinking only promotes elitism and will turn this game into a solely competitive sport… Because casual players like myself (and my alliance) will simply never get decent loot.

There are plenty of competitive games out there, but if you want to ruin this one for half the player base I suppose you’re still entitled to that desire.

Like I mentioned above though, it doesn’t suit the patten the development team had already set concerning wanted chest rewards. It would be interesting to see them take a different approach for just one of them…


Add a 4th chest, war chest, you win 5 wars to fill the chest.


I like it, but instead of wins I would change it for attacks.

Make 30 attacks to open the chest.

So you get rewarded for actively participating should you win or not.


I figure you’re already awarded whether you win or not, but like raids or titan battles you get that bonus chest for winning 5 wars.

everybody will be attacking 12x a week (hopefully), so that seemed like it would be asking too much to fill the chest that often. my proposal means it would take 2.5 weeks at a minimum to fill, which seems more in line with the stinginess of SGG :smiley:


But it is why I said 30…

12 times a week for 2.5 weeks = 30.

If you participate and do all of your attacks, you get a chest every 2.5 weeks.

And it saves SGG a bit of the grief from players who complain the war matchup is unbalanced.