Incentives to level up bench warming heroes

As we all know 4* ascension mats r rare , it would be nice if a feature was included where they sell 6 rings for x amount of $ each month and the mats rotate each month and u can only buy them if u choose right away to level up a hero, as of now I have no incentive to level up Khagan beyond 3-70 but I’d gladly pay to do it , I have far too many good heroes to consider these bench warmers who have horrible grades what do yall think ? and following month its 6 tabards etc , creators get more $ we get the bench warmers some playing time

Sorry, but I’d rather have Small Giant increase the drop rates of unfarmable ascension mats by ten folds instead of seeing them for sale.

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And I’d rather people stop focusing on 5* so much so that they didn’t pay $100 for a couple 4* mats every now and then.

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