Incentive for wars

There should definitely be special incentive to be top fighter in wars and against titans. From 4 star ascension material, outfits or costumes for heroes. Something… make us want to be the top fighter

So, for example, the alliance I am in has two monster hitters and so it would always be a fight between those two for the special bonus. I feel that that may cause resentment amongst the unwashed like myself.


That’s kind of a tough situation maybe a top 5 or something. Idk but they could figure something out

The top titan hitter has an extra or two loot roll on something from the titan, be it the ascension mats, crafting mats, battle items, titan parts, etc.

As for the top scorer in war, I felt I have better war loot being the top scorer in an alliance war won than being the second or third top scorer in either both winning or losing wars.

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Having top score in wars rewarded would result in people hitting easy targets for 6:0 instead of helping the team and choosing more difficult targets… That’s a no for me.

We do need titan rankings fixed though. Giving someone with C grade a bonus 4* mat makes absolutely no sense.


I like things the way they are now - everyone gets the same (crappy) loot. This is because wars are fought as a team, or at least should be. I don’t want to be punished for cleaning up someone else’s mess, to finish a wave quickly, just because I’m the only one on who still has flags.

I do think the war loot - and especially the war chest loot - could be improved, but dismal loot is a basic feature of the game.


I am quite often amongst top 3 war scorers and a couple of times top war scorer in our alliance and overal. Getting a 1 clean cloth and 1 common herbs after being top player but losing war is quite usual and symbolic - clean cloth can wipe out my salty eyes :rofl:
However, I would welcome an increased reward for all players in the alliance. I agree on both - it makes no sense go give better rewards to top players only and Titan reward logic needs to be improved.

We are burning flasks and mats for beating titans and A+ or A scorer gets wooden sword and C scorers gets 3* unfarmable asc. mat or (even better) a 4* mat? Ewww, this is quite regular picture of our Titan loots. It is really neat when a player used only 2 flags on the titan (scoring C) and got 4* asc. mat and you scored A or A+ and did not even get 3* mat.


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