Incentive for alliance participation


I’ve had a thought of improving members participation in titans/wars.

I wonder what if some sort of alliance points is allocated to each member? It doesn’t have to display for all to see. Or maybe it could to encourage healthy competition.

I’ll call it member points (to avoid confusion with the existing alliance points).

For members to earn the member points, they’ll have to do the following:

  • Hit titans
    – 10 points per flag, or could do something that is proportional to the contributed damage.
  • Participation in wars
    – 10 points per flag
    – Bonus points for for one-hitting opponent within 200-300 TP of assembled team. This is to encourage members to really think of who to assemble in their team before attacking, and also avoiding strong members from hitting really weak teams to gain those bonus points.

With those member points earned, they can exchange for something in the Alliance Lab (or shop). I have yet to really hash out what’s worth to be included in the Alliance Lab, but maybe something like:

  • 100 points for 20-30 class emblems of your choice
  • 250 points for a 3* ascension material of your choice
  • 50 points for a 2* trainer hero or something.
  • etc.

Of course that’s just a mocked up exchange rate, it’ll have to be balanced to make it sensible.

Member points would reset whenever someone leaves the alliance - so this will prevent anyone from titan hopping and encourage loyalty to the alliance.

Looking forward to hear some thoughts from everyone!

I can dig it! I would love to see more rewards for time spent in the game as well. As long as a bot is not being used.

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Not surprisingly, this has been suggested before.

Perhaps, add your thoughts here…


I have another alternative: leveling of alliance where certain points are gathered through regular game play, i.e. alliance wars, titan battles, player leveling, missions accomplished, trophies acquired, leveling of heroes/troops, etc.

The level of the alliance provides additional perks to its members, say, level 5 = +0.5% additional experience points when farming or doing quests, level 10 = +0.5% attack buff when battling titans, level 15 = +0.5% getting unfarmable ascension materials. The numbers and levels can be tweaked, whatever. The higher the level of the alliance, the better are the perks. This will make members stay and minimize alliance hopping.


Thank you all for the responses!

@Sarah2 appreciate for linking those relevant posts - they’re definitely quite closely related. Mine’s a little bit different in that I’m focusing on encouraging existing members to participate in the alliance activities, rather than staying on in the same alliance (although that would be great too).

@Ultra I like that thought too, but I suppose one downside to that is the alliance could just rely on the ‘strong’ and active members to achieve that, whilst the rest (less active and doesn’t participate much) just ‘reap’ the benefits of those. I’m not against helping the newer alliance members, but as the structure of the game is, I believe everyone should at least do something to be rewarded :smiley:
Also, I think that might encourage more people to find a really strong alliance and stay there, instead of staying in the current alliance and building it up together.

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There are many players who enjoy mercing, and using their extra titan flags to help other alliances. Especially if the titan visiting their alliance is being allowed to escape.

Alliance loyalty is not in question, using spare titan flags and gaining extra mats, is the goal :thinking:. Titan hopping is not necessarily a bad thing.

So your suggestion is to allocate player points, similar to how war points are linked to individual players? :thinking:

FWIW, in my E&P journey… This is how you develop a strong alliance of like minded players, by staying in the same alliance. Working together and actively participating in titans & wars and game chat. Puzzled :sweat:

I’m not on board with participation incentives as SG would certainly try to monetize it.

For me, my participation incentive is the warm inner glow I get from being a member of my alliance (Ahoy shipmates!). :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! Members can then use these points to redeem/exchange something to further strengthen their roster.

I can agree titan hopping is not necessarily a bad thing. But this can be reduced if everyone in the alliance actively participate in fighting a titan, and while doing that, they earn member points to enhance their roster and work towards higher level titans together.

Haha sorry, don’t get me wrong! I just realised I may have sounded a bit contradicting. What I was saying is that the forum posts you linked have focused on ideas that encouraged staying on in the same alliance and not so much on encouraging participation inside an alliance.

My idea (I hope) goes slightly beyond that. The member points would encourage members (who are loyal but for lack of a better word, lazy) to participate in alliance activities.

The member points reset when someone leaves an alliance would help in encouraging people to stay and work together.

As an example, in the current alliance I’m in, it is quite a stable group (log in frequently and have been in the alliance for a while), but there is just a lack of participation. Some have just use one titan flag and leave the rest to use titan refills to bring down a titan. Some have ticked to participate in wars but haven’t been using their flags despite being reminded countless times.

Yes, we could have kicked those members, but we also understand sometimes there are other commitments in life. So I was thinking, why not provide some reward proportional to the effort you put into the alliance? That way, the more you contribute, the better your (personal) reward. If you don’t, then you’ll lose out on the opportunity to get those rewards, and the active players will also feel less exhausted as they are rewarded for the bigger effort that they’ve put in.

:frowning: . I supposed I’m being naively optimistic here with my suggestion :rofl:

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Go to Alliance recruiting now and put up a message. If you have the goods, you will be inundated with offers usually. While most are probably top 1000 alliances, you WILL find a spot. I hit up my current boss in the forums for example and requested a spot; got an interview and got accepted (we are in the top 25,000).

Good luck, you deserve better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Omg! Love the idea. Hope sg would consider * fingers cross :roll_eyes:

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I am in a casual alliance that bristles at the thought of “encouraged participation”. We let players fight wars/titans or not as they deem fit. For example, we have typically 29-30 members and usually around 19-20 war participants. Not sure that this type of incentive would help or hinder such an alliance.

Serious alliances likely don’t need such incentives for their members to participate.

It may help encourage a casual alliance to turn serious if that is their goal but, maybe not.

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