Inari vs The Hatter

So, I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but if Inari has her special active and the Hatter fires his, if one of Inari’s allies dodges, then all of them keep their buffs… not sure that’s supposed to happen. I’ve tried it several times to make sure I saw it correctly, and will record it the next time, but Inari’s ability nullifies the Hatter’s.

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Hatter have a bug now, his special is “piercing strike” to time when SG will repair bug, that why this happening.
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@Radar1 Are you referring to the fact that the Mad Hatter’s special was temporarily changed in the event to Piercing Strike? This would seem to explain what @King_Kyree77 is seeing if so, since his special was basically disabled.

Yes, I’m talking about it

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@King_Kyree77 Can you please confirm if the Mad Hatter having a different special temporarily is what’s causing this? You should be able to tap and hold on him to see what special he has listed — I think it’s going to show Piercing Strike instead of his regular special, as noted above.


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inari does this against the cat too, if one dodges none will be reshuffled but the poison is still applied to those that didn’t dodge

what is supposed to happen when he shoots against an Inari with a special?
Is inari able to dodge his special or does he have the ability to steal without her 56% dodge chance?

If he dodges her but hits the side oponents, does he steal the 2 remaninong rounds of the special and distributes Inari’d dodge buff amongst his allies?

When Hatter fires…he still has a chance to miss after Inari fires her special…

Hatter hits 3 enemies at once…he only steals from the enemies he hits. So if he hits 2 of Inari’s allies and misses 1…

He will distribute those 2 minions onto 2 random team heroes and the enemy he didnt hits will get a second minion for Hatter missing a hit…

I know this because I seen it myself when I went up against Inari


That is not true. The description says steals all dispellable buffs from ALL enemies, regardless of a hit or not.

Actually it IS indeed true. I dont just throw random banter up in hopes the forum believes me.

I witnessed it myself. Inari and one other enemy was left standing…Inari fired her special…Hatter fired his and hit Inari but missed the other enemy…

Inari’s special then placed a fox minion on the the enemy and hatter stole Inari’s buff and placed it on a random hero

So are you saying Hatter stole Inaris dodge buff, allowing the random ally on your team to summon foxes?

No…the ally received a fox minion …right afterwards I killed the team so there was no time to see if the ally also gained the ability to summon foxes also

oh ok. Dang that would be awesome if your allies got the dodge and could summon more foxes.

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