Inari update

I did the latest release update and Inari has no damage added to her special as listed in the release information

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Yep same bug here :frowning:

Update must be avaible for everyone before this will go to game, you need to wait 1-3 more days probably.

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Don’t see any bug so far !

The notes released by SG clearly says, that everything will become active when all players have done the update.

The final players will be forced from within the game app to update first & then play, which should happen anytime today or tomorrow…
thereafter the changes can be seen in-game heroes.

Patience !


As stated in the release notes, the balance changes will be enabled once we have forced the update (lookout for the “maintenance break” message).


Still nothing changed. Inari doesnt hit. I guess we must wait longer?

Forced update is when you have ingame message “maintenance break in 30 minutes”.

Until then yes, you have to wait.

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MB is here… So, very soon, Inari will be updated :slight_smile:

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The balance changes have been enabled now.


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