Inari talent tree decision

Decisions Decisions… now yellow/holy mana troop is at eighteen at the moment… what’s better left or right?

At average mana, the 2% node isn’t going to make a huge difference. Just a troop reduction of 23 to 17… and there are usually more pressing heroes to out your mana troops on than a support dodger…

Imo the main decision is about node 9. Are you chasing attack or defence nodes?

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I’d go for mana.
Inari is average so if you go for mana, she will get charged up faster with level 17 mana troops.

And if paired with any family member (Kage and mits types) would drop to an 11 mana needed. Which can pretty useful.

Definitely the mana node. She will charge in 9 tiles with your lvl18 troop. That’s pseudo fast mana :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Much better to charge her in 3 tile matches instead of 4 tile matches. She will be more likely to dodge specials if she is charged before the enemy specials are charged eh

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