Inari Special Lucky Nine and Blind

I know this might be to soon… but does anyone know how Inari works with blinded opponents/chance to miss? I ask cause I got Inari which really wanted… and she has a chance to cause Dodge… but if i use hero with blind… does that increase her chance to Dodge? Aka does Miss = Dodged and automatically summon a fox? What happens with someone like Wu Kong are they giving me a advantage or taking some away.

From my understanding, dodge and blind are separate skills, which stack, but misses from blind don’t trigger minions.

There are a few posts in the super long thread about Inari discussing this, one of which at least of relevance is this exchange:


Yes, blind and dodge are two separate things that can work togheter.
Supposing both Justice and Inari fire the special and all 5 opponents are blinded, if they try to use their special it may happen:

a) They hit the mark. Blind and dodge are not summed to each other, so you don’t have 91% chance to avoid the special, but two separate chance of 35% and 56% (just like summons, each of them is separate and not cumulative). So it’s not so impossible

b) opponent miss for blind effect. No sakura fox is generated but you still avoid damage

c) opponent miss for Inari’s effect. You dodge the damage and summon the Sakura fox.

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Cool that answers that should be fun mechanic and skill to work with.

Yes, a Justice-Inari or Drake-Inari assets are definetely something to try if you can :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a way to know if Inari’s special act before the blind?

That’s a really good question. Logically, I would assume blind happens first —I imagine the attacker attacks, with a roll to determine if they are going to miss; then I’d presume as a second step, if the attack isn’t blinded, there would be a roll to determine if the target is able to dodge.

I’m not sure how readily that could be tested, since both will never happen together, so it seems like it would be hard to observe which is happening first without either a lot of data to assess the correspondence to the percentages, or someone from the development team confirming directly.


Yeah, i recall maybe @Kerridoc said something like this in beta, that it is logic blind occur first.

Don’t really sure though.

I’m certainly honored if my logic matches that of @Kerridoc :slight_smile:

Inari does not work on Mok Arr (friendly fire). Inari’s special skill states she could dodge all special skills it does not clarify whether it’s enemy special skills or ally special skills (Mok Arr). Either E & P should fix this if it’s a glitch or word the special differently. Just thought I would bring this up as I think it’s important to discuss :slight_smile:

I wonder if Inari can dodge Mindless Attacks from a Merlin-induced ally?

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something odd noticing happen is that I get Miss and Dodge from blinded opponents at times. Then at other times if there is no blind I just get Dodge.

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