Inari Rouge class or Wizard class

Having Inari and Marjana max out rouge class, I was wondering how come she is rouge class on what logic?

She is so misterious like Morgan or Areon or any Wizard nothing on this hero fit Rouge class accept she has forrest looks :slight_smile:

Share some thought on this metter.

What to vote for?
Change the class of Inari?

Doubt that they will.
What should happen, if someone had already given emblems to her?

Not to vote, just what you think if this this is done correctly as seems to me somebody didn’t think a lot about class of this hero.

Standing from my point of view. I know they want change anything but opening ideas. I don’t see any logic for Inari to be rouge class also emblems can be transfered to new class, good developer can write this in 10 minutes.

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So are you proposing she be changed to wizard? Or are you just looking to hear other player’s opinions on her class and if they think she would be better suited as a wizard? I can update your title to something people could vote for or move your post to the gameplay section if you aren’t making a request for her to be changed by the devs.

Her dodge ability match the rogue’s dodge ability

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