Inari on Defense?

I pulled Inari in the last Atlantis, and am starting to level her up. I’m considering her for my defense team eventually, and wanted to see if folks have used her on defense. I don’t see her a lot, but she seems like a bit of a pain when I do.

What do people think of her as a flank on a defense team?

Inari is great, but I would say no for a few reasons.

Inari is a hero that relies on TIMING, and the AI obviously lacks that timing. Also, the buff lasts only 3 rounds.

Also, although she has a high attack, she has no defense.

But if you have nothing else maybe she is a good choice.

To me she was made for attacking, not defending. I wish I had her.


Yoda would say: Nice flank she is.

She’s my 2nd strongest behind Ursena and keeps me well above 2500.

But she’s meh outside of raiding, since she only will dodge damage of specials.

She’s also in my holy team against dark titans, but has to be well timed there. Her 3 turns often fail to meet the titans special.


I’ll definitely use her on Titans and raiding, and I’m trying to decide how my defense team should ultimately look.

I’m leaning towards using Kunchen as a tank, and plan to use holy flanks. I’ve got Joon fully ascended to use on the right flank, and was thinking that Inari would be a good match on the other flank. I’ve also got Justice or Onatel that I could ascend for the other flank, but Inari seems more fun.

I have Inari now in my defense team, but only because my only other Yellow choice is Li Xiu. My defense does about the same whether I use Li or Inari…

Inari is indeed fun, but on offense. She does need good timing to use well. I love her, but she doesn’t help much on defense - either Onatel or Justice would be better choices.


Justice seems like the right call on left flank, especially considering that I have Albrecht in the left wing. 3 heroes that don’t actually do damage with their specials is probably too much. I’m just reluctant to use two slow heroes in the front 3.

Never bothered by Justice wherever her position is. Only fight an Inari flank once and her special wreak havoc against my team… I’m a bit inexperieced to deal with her.

I have Inari !I absolutely love her but not on titans.

Hmmm, this is interesting though posted a while ago…

I’m chasing opinions on Inari (primarily in defence), Malosi (offence I guess) and Roostley (?). Who to level??
My yellow spares are Neith and Leo, only used in war(ok, mainly)

My standard def team currently is
Zeline-Blacky-Ursi-Joon-Seshat. (BTW…)

Always appreciate your vision @Olmor, you’ve helped me in the past…

I ascended Inari and have put emblems on her (+7 currently), but only use her on my War Defense teams when the defense boost is field aid. Part of that is that I switched from Kunchen to Yunan as a tank, and Inari doesn’t fit with the team, but also, she’s just too fragile and easily targeted on defense.

She is a stone cold rockstar on offense though. Especially with the meta tending to fast heroes with hit-many or hit-all side effects, you can almost always count on 2-3 dodges, and it’s incredibly satisfying when 4-5 heroes dodge.

I stack her with a maxed, emblemed Jackal, a costumed Joon +13 and the three of them eat Ursena tanks for lunch.

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Really!? I love her on Titans. Massive tile damage and the dodge is super helpful.

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