Inari evade kage's special?

Hi everyone, i was testing this bug, every time, when i atack inari with kageburado, she dodge, and dont lost dodge buff.
I test the same situation vs margaret, atacking nearby enemys with kage, and work fine (margi can’t be dispelled). Someone know about it?

I think it’s a chance thing…

With Inari, if she dodges the attack she dodges ALL parts of the enemy special skill…

So when kage targets her, the first thing that is computed is is the dodge successful or not.
–> if yes, Inari (or target) dodges the damage AND the dispell & the target gets a fox minion
–> if no, then the target has the buffs dispelled and then takes the damage.

Note, this is different to the rogue talent which just evades DAMAGE. So kage would dispells the buffs but the rogue target might dodge the damage.

So what I think that’s happening in this test is that Inari (or the other targets) dodge special is triggering and hence all of Kages special is nullvoided.


I understand, but the first think that happen, kage dispell evade buff, and atack 450 or 250%.
Margaret have the same buff, and i can dispells his nearbys, 100% of the times.
I will test will other dispellers, like melendor, that no atack when he fires.

Those can be dodged

20 doges

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Yup, if dodge is triggered, all the effects are dodged (DoT, dispell, direct dmg, mana drain, mana gen stop, etc. etc.)

Not a bug.


Margaret’s dodge only affects dodging special attack damage. That’s why kage can dispell nearby allies first.


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