Inari, c.Kadilen and Ninja dodge chance?

This may be a consideration for me in the not too distant future but how does dodge chance calculation work if I have Inari, c.Kadilen and some ninja heroes?

Does one overwrite the other or do they stack?

Apologies this may be obvious and I could be being dense.

Inari and Kadilen can’t stack but should work with ninjas dodge but I’m not 100% sure


It’s as radar said :slight_smile:

Ninja family bonus stacks with the status effect. The status effects are broken into two sets:
Kafilen Costume & Inari do NOT stack with each other but override / replace
Margaret & Costume Little John do NOT stack with each other.
However, the two sets do stack with each other. I.e. Inari will stack with Margaret.

Not sure how they stack mathematically;

It could be multiplicative or it may be that they process separately (i.e. chance of one, if it fails then it processes the chance for the second).

Can’t confirm one way or the other; but the bottom line is that “yes, having both you’re more likely to succeed in dodging”.



I tried it with Jade and mageret, they both stack, jade has 75% dodge and mageret 30%-90%. If it would be additively there would be at least a 105% chance of dodge which would mean every hit gets dodged. But I got hit so it must be on after another.

For example first 75% from jade.
25% of the hits will bypass and you will have 30%-90% chance with mageret
Second dodge will give you additional 7.5%-22.5%.

So will have a overall chance between 82.5%-97.5% to dodge.

If you take inari or kadilen instead of mageret you only have to substitute magerets percent with one of them


Thanks, had forgotten about Marg & C-LJ.

Have updated my comment.

Also right about the additive part. It’s likely that it’s multiplicative.

Note whether they multiply or they are processed separately, it does work out the same in the end mathematically.

It is also discussed in Buff Inari thread:

So, @IgH, it means it is two separate chance.

Showing the effects stacking / not stacking.

firing Inari first

Next was Costume Kafilen (replaced Inari buff)

Next fired Margaret (Stacked with C-Kadilen / Inari)

Finally fired Costume Little John (Replaced Margaret but stacked with Inari / C-Kadilen)


Now it would be interesting which triggers first.
The first I activate?
Because if you use jade and mageret/inari/kadilen c you want Jade after the others, because mageret will give you mana and inari or kadilen will give you minions and jade gives you nothing.

Pretty sure yes. If you have several DoT’s on a hero the one gained earlier activates first.

The buffs / ailments ist just a “list” from a programmers point of view and gets worked out step by step. That is the most easy and likely solution.

Thanks everyone - very comprehensive and thorough answer. I agree Inari is looking a bit weak now compared to the other dodge heroes but heyho, still fun to use.
I do think dodge and counterattack are going to be huge going forward so getting my army ready early :smiley:

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