Inari bug pls fix

hey, i was raiding a maxed inari and I brought Sabina to dispel her. When Sabina fired off the fox minions spawned in and her special remained active. IDK if this is a bug or intentional being that she can dodge dispells but it doesn’t seem right, if it can’t be removed that seems unfair as U can’t do anything to stop her.
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I believe that is the way she is intended to work

I believe you were witness to some Inari magic. She can doge any special including dispelling specials


really, that is gonna be hard to raid against. I understand being able to dodge gobler but dodge the 1 thing that’s suppost to remove effects is going to make raiding this hero very difficult. Tiles and snipers seem like the only way to combat this. My main issue is that lets say they have a zeline charged and if she fires I lose. If I use dispel and then try to kill her that seems fair, like if they had a defense buff and u needed to remove it in order to kill the hero.

This is working as designed,

ok thanks for letting me know

It’s not that hard…just hold back specials when she launches her special. It’s only three turns, and the AI will trigger it whenever its ready, rather than waiting for good timing.

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It is how she works. And what do you when you meet Hel? What do you do those 3 rounds when she freezes your mana? Hel is much much better.

Hi different topic, but hope you’ll help answering. What does “tiles” and “snipers” mean? I kept reading it but don’t understand. Thanks

Snipers are single target heavy hitters

Tiles are the color blocks you use to make matches

I’ve noticed another possible Inari bug. Inari’s special skill does not work on Mok Arr’s friendly fire. It clearly states that Inari has a chance to dodge special skills, it does not state dodging skills from enemies only. Either E & P needs to fix this or word the special skill differently. Thoughts all? :slight_smile:

If true, I agree. And that could be a fun tool.

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