Inari and Vivica

So, look at the way they are dressed. Do you think Vivica and Inari are related in some way? Has anyone heard anything about them being sisters or classmates from their mystic school or whatever?


According to another player, 9 tails is an anime character which is part of the base design for Inari. He went into further details about the connection to Vivica but i cant recall all now. If i find it I’ll post it. Perhaps read a little bit on the 9 tails anime character to find out more?


Maybe the 9 tails is an anime thing, but the foxes (kitsune) and inari are part of traditional japanese mythology.


No clue man lol like i said it was 2nd hand info and he had a big explanation of the whole thing so i really have no grounds to debate or discuss it. Shouldnt have commented on it but was just giving him a place to start as far as finding a connection.

When i googled 9 tails, so much crap came up that i would have to spend all day getting to the bottom of it and i just don’t have the time.

Thanks for the info on the japanese mythology, definitely need to expand my knowledge base on that sorta thing if it’s going to be further implemented into the game.

Not saying anyone is wrong, just maybe thinkin it’s a combination of both sides, anime+mythology? Idk

I thought the same thing, they must have gone to the same school for Mystic arts training.


The nine tails fox is a beast of japanese folklore that you can find in various games and mangas.

  • in “Naruto” it is the spirit within the protagonist
  • in “Pokemon” there’s a pokemon called Ninetales, and it is a nine tail fox
  • in “Okami” one of the main boss is a nine tail fox

What’s more, the sakura fox that inari summon totally looks like the wolf protagonist of the same game Okami (which is an amazing ps2 game that contain many references of japanese culture)


The origin of the Nine Tailed Fox can also be traced to Chinese Mythology, stemming from the idea that non-human creatures can start transforming themselves into human form with advance in age.

One famous example was a nine-tailed fox spirit, taking the human form of a beautiful woman named Da Ji, and used her beauty and feminine wiles to bewilder the last king of the Shang Dynasty, in order to cause its destruction.

Vivica’s design and attired to me seemed more Chinese than Japanese


Honestly, I feel like Vivica is the E&P version of Chun-Li. Her stance and everything seems like someone who’s about to start throwing kicks. @Shohoku79.


Thunder Thighs as she’s sometimes affectionately known in the Street Fighter community :joy:


Any seen resemblance is most likely coincidence.

I’ve always thought that Vivica was likely meant to be chinese since she was made to wear a distinct qípáo (cheongsam-esque style) blouse.

I bet Inari is meant to be Japanese, like everyone in the “sakura” family. Also her outfit looks more “mystical” and of no distinct origin. So I doubt they were meant to be related

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I tried so hard for Inari. Her and viv do look very much alike. Maybe they are sisters?

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They designed both heros with the same clothes, colors, and skin complexion, how is it coincidence? To nail that many details would have to be intentional in my opinion. Coincidence is something that just happens. This didn’t just happen, in my opinion.

Sometimes when characters are designed by the same artist (or team of artists who influence on another) multiple ones can end up resembling each other unintentionally. It often happens just as consequence of the artist being partial to certain things appealing to the artist like certain color schemes and styles. Yeah, its possible and plausible any resemblance was intentional aswell, but its just my own inference

And btw I dont see the “same clothes” thing you’re talking about. I see the same color scheme definitely, but besides having skirts the outfit styles don’t look similar to me


This inari hero name is taken from one of the shrines in Japan (Fushimi-inari) where the temple adores fox gods. you can find in goggle fushimi inari japan. :wolf::wolf:


Kitsune :wolf:


Just wonder, did anyone notice that she has only 7 tails :slight_smile:



Didnt notice but good observation

Because she was nerfed


Lmao in that case, aegir wouldnt have legs to stand on


Yeah, i made sure to mention it in the “ridiculous complaints” thread lol

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