Inari and Mother North bring in some new fun

Doing war hits this morning and I get a little too ambitious with my second hit. Combined with a lackluster board and luck, I had to use my 3rd hit to finish off the two wings and a flank. Im leveling my last 5 out of 30 for wars so I decided to use my weakest heroes. I wasn’t even paying much attention to who they were. Sabina at 3-42, Gaderius at 3-60, Red Hood at 2-60, MN at 3-17 and Inari at 2-41. They were going agains maxed out Perseus, Joon and Zim.

The only thing that could have made me laugh more is if the Benny Hill theme was playing in the background.

Ill skip to the highlights.

Sabina died 5 times. Red Hood and Gade died once each.

I won with all heroes alive, full health, full mana and 3 mixed minions each.

Inari and MN just kept everything up. At the end, I was just trolling Zim letting her mana up and attack and letting field aid heal the damage my minions were doing to her.

Thanks SG for a breath of fresh air with the current heroes. I know Alby is out there, but in this case her wouldn’t have been as good.


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