Inari and Mitsuko - Anchor’s thoughts

The same should apply, if I remember correctly. :slight_smile:

So if 3 dodged, the other 2 will still be under spirit link?

Should be… I’m not 100% sure how it works with spirit link though since spirit link is considered a buff, not a nerf.


How about Mel or Sabina special? Those are not attacks. So should not be able to dodge right?

Don’t quote me on it but I believe you’ll still be able to dodge their special. The description says “to dodge Special Skills” so it does not necessarily have to be a damage dealing attack.


Mitsuko’s ability essentially breaks down to bad Guin minus the heals to help her sustain. She will be an okay tank on the basis of her stat line and the fact that mana hate is always a good thing, but what makes a great tank is either a special that goes off reliably and makes a giant impact on the board or a tank that can continuously absorb damage while the others build their specials and do the dirty work. Without the heals to keep her alive longer I’m not particularly sanguine about the amount of damage she can absorb, nor do I think that if her ability goes off once and she dies that she has made a significant impact.

Yes, she punishes running a blue stack against her (sort of, she does nothing to prevent tile death), but even accepting that as gospel just means that you stack against whichever other hero you are most worried about. If you’re not running blues, her ability doesn’t hit hard enough to be a major concern and the mana loss will be more of a nuisance than a threat.


Thanks Anchor, I love your guide and videos. I do disagree with a few of your rankings (cough, Aegir, cough), but I still appreciate all you do for the community and do realize it’s just an opinion. Thank you!


What i dont understand is why do they release the hero before the beta testers aproval?

Why is it that the hero gets nerfed or buffed right when being released?
without any more testing to see if they actually made a worthed or worthless hero it is too risky to make these last minute changes and release the hero.
After all that is why there is beta, to make everyone’s opinion count.

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Beta testers are not “approvers” — we provide feedback, which SGG considers. But I share your concern; I have more than once been blunt in the beta forums that SGG should run all updates throughbeta first, which doesn’t always happen. Some embarrassing bugs have gone live as a result.


This game take much inspiration from magic the gathering. It’s weird in some places, like how light doesn’t have 4* healers but every other colors does. Or the fact that necromancy is a… nature ability? Rather than a dark ability? But in any case. Breaking it down in the simplest terms, resource control is POWERFUL. Resource gain/ denial, is power. These two heroes have both. There’s the immediate family bonus or mana gen. Furthermore, there’s the minions or tokens who provide mana gain and 30% attack, then there’s Mitsuko who hits and removes 20% mana. Inari has dodge specials at 56%, it’s not “quite” blindness but it’s strong. They are a pair and there are great ideas here. Mana control has always been the most powerful ability.

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Thats why you should definetely try her with multiple reds, like 2 or 3.
This totally force a blue stacking strategy against her.

As it is now, the only way to win in defence is a tank that punish a bad board.
If she goes off and the attacker has 3 or so blues, she totally punish you.

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Inari looks like she’ll be more for Titans. That attack stat is nice :heart_eyes:

For raids though, idk. It is a little strange that all she really does is let her buddies have a chance to dodge, and if they’re lucky enough to, they’ll get one minion in return. Plus, it only lasts for three turns which seems super short, especially at average mana. You’d have to make sure to time her special correctly everytime, or else miss out on it completely. On defense, idk how effective that would be at all; the Al isn’t smart enough for something like that. I’m pretty sure it could be fairly easy to avoid, and it’s dispellable if it’s not.

Idk, it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough to her special, but maybe that’s just me. Would’ve been nice to have an additional effect or skill, like raising a stat or cleansing. Or at least have her minions pop up on everyone automatically after firing, not only if someone dodges. Who knows, maybe it’s enough to make her awesome. I could be getting all skeptical over nothing :sweat_smile:

Mitsuko though… she looks like she’ll be a nice placeholder tank, especially for the people without Guinevere. Similar stats to Guin, and a special that’s similar, but also very different. Will make stacking blues against her a little more difficult, and I think that’ll be what makes her awesome. Have to wait and see, but I think she looks pretty cool.

On raid attacks, she might be decent. On titans, probably not so much. I mean, I’m not going to bring her in on a blue titan; idc if the titan’s special will reflect, that’s solid tile damage I’m missing out on! But I definitely believe she’ll have a solid place on defense.


Why is Mitsuko not good against titans?

Because her reflect is against Ice, but red is weak against ice. When up against an ice Titan, I would typically omit red heroes and stack green heroes.


Can her reflect special help to keep other green hero alive against a hard hitting titan? While reflect the damage back to the titan?

I’m going to come out and say that I am a new beta tester that was part of the batch that tested out Inari and Mitsuko. First of all I just want to point out that SG only reviews our feedback and they make their own decisions regarding the hero. Personally I feel as beta testers we should be checking for bugs and helping to modify heroes so that are unique and viable meaning they are good but not too overly “game-changing” it is NOT fun when the game power creep just keeps going where each new hero is stronger than all the previous heroes.

Inari - With her previous incarnation of 66% dodge, 4 turns, and 35% fox minion attack it was crazy insanely overpowered. There was really no counter play to her since she dodges EVERYTHING. Damage, debuffs, dispells, DoTs, etc etc. I ran an experiment where I brought 4 dispellers, Sonya, Caedmon, Melendor, and Sabina to try to dispel her special and the only result I got was an ARMY of fox minions. Those things may be cute but at 35% previously of Inari’s high attack stat they viciously took down my heroes. I remember a lot of us were either asking for a dodge chance reduction or for her special to lasts 3 turns. EDIT: My mistake the changes were first lowering the special to 3 turns and nerfing minions then the next time they lowered dodge to 56%. Personally I feel she is still quite useful at 56% since you now are able to “roll the dice” without it always resulting in you losing or just wait her out. I was still quite satisfied with Inari and always took her on raids since her special was just that good if you timed it right. Overall I think she is still an A hero or high B hero.

Mitsuko - Mitsuko is a unique hero since she is a tanky red that can mana reduce as well as put up an Ice reflection shield. She was useful sometimes and is quite decent. Her ice reflect is pretty funny when Alasie or Magni kill themselves on it. Overall I did not like her as much as the other heroes so for me she is around a B rating.


Thank you for your insight :blush:

That actually makes me happy to read, because I was really looking forward to Inari, but after reading her card I wasn’t so sure. I still wanted her badly though (mostly because I’m really lacking holy options), and still do. It’s awesome to hear that she will still be useful! It just seemed like you weren’t getting all that much with her, at least not at first glance. Glad that isn’t the case :blush:

As for Mitsuko, that surprises me a little. I mean, I didn’t expect her to be as good as Guin, but after seeing her stats and special- I assumed she would be the best option for tank for those without Guin. On paper, she sounds like an amazing tank, but then again- I haven’t seen her in action quite yet.

Now, because of your input, you’ve made me want to try a little harder to get Inari (& maybe even Mitsuko). Especially before the odds drop down to the depressing .2%

For Mitsuko it’s kind of hard for me to rate her overall “tank” role because in beta for me to fight a Mitsuko tank they would first have to set her as the center position on their raid defense team and there is just so many different heroes to test in so many combinations with the limited time that we had I personally did not see her a lot in the tank role so I can not really give any input there.


Kasshrek’s protection from red, and Perseus’s protection from green also have this problem.

Guinevere only avoids it because Purple and Yellow are weird.

Since titans are your best chance of 3*/ 4* ascension items, this quirk of game design has always annoyed me.

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The heroes mentioned are not designed to fight titans but rather raids. :blush:

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