Inari and Mitsuko - Anchor’s thoughts

I think Epigenetic means that the specials will stack.

No… a miss and a dodge are different, I already tested that theory. No fox is summoned.


Thank you…20

I dont want every hero to be a must have either, but it be hella nice to be like…hmmm, who do i use on my defensive team Thorne or Magni? I just can’t get the bad taste out of this release of the 2 new season 2 5*. Im sorry, but they are terrible and would pose no threat to anything i can put together on my roster which is in large vanilla heroes and a few HoTM.

I don’t agree. I believe that EVERY hero should be balanced into the level that they can be equally used. Otherwise you will see everywhere exactly the same: Zeline, Guin, Hel, Gravemaker, Alasie (occasionally Alberich or Panter ) . Isn’t that boring ?!?!?!

I wish every hero aimed to a balanced level, (wouldn’t aegir be usable with at least 40% plus defense? Wouldn’t Inari be usable with 4 turns i stead of 3. Yes would, but why.Now all Aegirs are gone from people’s defense teams,

Edited by mod - idea to balance every hero is great, but accusations of impropriety against a section of the player base is not so great


No I meant that there are two chances for affected heroes to miss…about 71% miss rate which isn’t bad plus the minions from the dodge only. I watched an alliance mate try Drake/Inari and the video showed a great team with Azlar and other heroes firing at will and he just sat there and chipped away.

I can’t help but find the sheer overstated amount of hate for these new heroes astounding. Neither of these heroes are Thorne, that comparison is ludicrous. While I do agree that Mitsuko could use a tiny buff, both heroes are in a pretty good place as evidenced by an equal amount of people on both sides arguing that they are scary good or, alternatively, they are the worst thing ever. It seems that if a hero launches and they don’t completely shift the meta in all three main facets of the game, there is a sizeable (or disproportionately loud) subset of players that are just going to label them as trash and bandy about conspiracy theories involving the devs/beta-testers/Freemasons.

Also, I don’t think that I’m alone in not wanting all of these new heroes to come out in their leaked original beta forms. Aegir in his original form was BROKEN, and would have been bad for the game. I can’t help but laugh to myself as the same group of people who complain endlessly about how OP Guin is turn right around and complain that a hero that was better than her was nerfed before release, due to feedback from the beta-testers. Frankly, I thank the beta-testers for not allowing that monster into the wild as he was. Much better for the health of the game that he was fixed before launch than fixed after he completely destroyed the meta and a ton of gamers spent a lot of money chasing him when it became clear that he was a must-have to stay competitive


What if you paired Aegir and Mitsuko along with three greens against a blue titan?

He would keep her alive.

20 characters…

So you could utilize Matsuko’s ice reflect AND keep her alive.

A “BROKEN” Aegir was “REPAIRED”. Really? Do you call the laughable piece of picture a repaired hero? I’d more likely say he is dead. 3 weeks ago every 5th raid attack was against Aegir in the tank, now: ZERO !!! Why, because no one uses your repaired hero in defense any more. He is a D CLASS hero.

As per testing process, I believe the major fault is in a process itself, there should be an automatic extension by another month should there be a significant change (not like 64 changes to 62, but 4 change to 3 is significant). Otherwise the outcome of the process will be a bad unblalancend, unusable, untankable hero like poor Aegir (and probably new Inari).

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Back to topic, I think mitsuko will be a decent tank but not good in offence. We all have use Li Xiu and know how she pan out. Mitsuko is like her, some mana cut with relatively Low damage and average mana.

To me a balanced hero would be a B hero. They are not top of the line and not bottom of the barrel they can be used depending on what you need. I think of Zeline, Guin, Hel, Gravemaker, Alberich, Panther as outliers. They are NOT balanced in my opinion.

To me, balanced should be A :slight_smile: But generally I agree.

If it was in our hands and not in SG, I personally would start a correction with the worst D class heroes:
Thorne (give him 512% instead of 460% or give him and neighbours a 3 round counterattack), Quintus (plus 250 DoT 5 rounds), Aegir (plus 40% normal defence special to what he has), Rumplestiltskin (Cross 27 to 32, Stars - change to +20, -20, +20, -20). Vivica (reduce from 44 to 33, but make average), Elkanen (increase from 38 to 45), etc.

I am sure that the players would be able to make a World where heroes would be much better balanced and it wouldn’t be just Zeline, Guin, or Guin, Zeline, or … basicaly - still the same.


Just like many non-premium heroes, I guess.
Mitsuko is fine IMHO just by adding new hero’s skills into the game.

Wilbur’s special is still broken for an average speed. And I say that even after have drawn 2 Wilbur.


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People just like to complaint.

Many of this “feedback” coming from people that don’t have this new heroes or had yet to max them and test them in various assets.

Aka, they spout judgement before they actually use it.
The only fact that people bad talking about Inari makes me smile.

If you look at Zero team you found out he speed maxed her.
Logic that a top player also in beta speed level a bad hero.

Yeah yeah! She is so bad!
She need a buff! Maybe two!
And less tails.


She needs MORE tails! Japanese mythology requires nine tails.



Update. I do own her.


@Anchor did you just get it? how many times you pulls :rofl::rofl:

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Maybe you are not aware, but Zero is among the people who evaluate a hero for Anchor’s table. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean this hero in now his new dream hero, respectively heroine…

But back to your comment. Generally yes, the hero’s ability is fully revealed after that hero is fully maxed. However, in this case the test I carried out I was purely evaluating the special. I took 4 fully maxed heroes and Inari. The environment was S1-23-6 where every opponent has ability to use a special effect.

My findings are these 1) it takes a long time to charge average Inari. 2) you hope the opponent cast a special exactly when her special is in place (sometimes very difficult to do a right timing) 3) the period of when the special is ready is extremely short. After many tests I found her special as very difficult to use and benefit from. Also I found a high divination between the probability stated on the card and real situation- 42 specials created only 6 minions. (Btw they died extremely quickly in 23-6 environment). Its over 300% diviation which potentially shows that there is a bug in random numbers in her card - to confirm a bug, it would need about 1000 tests for which I didn’t have time. (And yes I can definitely differentiate between normal and and special attack).

Generally- in attack I believe such hero is designed for 4 rather than 3 turns duration. For defense it takes a comparison with Hel, where she has only 3, but she is different- she completely stops any incoming mana and freezes your heroes. In this case Inari allows your heroes to collect mana and cast all when the special is gone.


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