Inari and Mitsuko - Anchor’s thoughts

EDIT 2 12/4 Mitsuko Video is live in 7 hours. Doing a premier so i will be on the video when it is live and will be chatting with you guys before/during/after the video.

EDIT1 11/30 Inari Video is now up. Mitsuko video will be up in a few days.

Like I mentioned in the previous Zim thread I want to start the discussion here and get feedback from you guys regarding new and upcoming grades. So all videos and grades feel calibrated. I am willing to admit that I don’t get everything right off the bat (Zim tank grade changed immediately from feedback from you guys).

I can let you know I am not powerleveling either of these heroes, but I am currently looking for video content of maxed Mitsuko. (I will have plenty for Inari). And will NOT OWN EITHER as I have done my Atlantis summon pulls already and sticking to a budget. (Take the grade with a grain of salt?)

First initial thoughts.

Inari will be seen quite a bit on defense, prepare to be able to beat her (I already have content planned out to help.) Still wrapping my head around her on titans/offense. When I played with her in Beta she was fairly decent on both of those. She will be worth Darts

Mitsuko reminds me a bit like Hel and Guin mixed. Which is an interesting combo. I can see her being a bit annoying on defense. She does have solid defense and health which can be a factor with “tankiness”. If how I feel given her Average speed as I think it is a mix of both Hel and Guin but not the game changing parts.

The reflect is going to be interesting, on paper seems pretty good and annoying to deal with and people can plan against it.

Red has a ton of reallly great options for rings. She will probably be worth the rings.

I want to keep my dialogue in this to be brief until I get the videos made (May take a week or two). As I want to truly listen to your feedback and want to not “influence the masses”.

Before I pass the mic.
Don’t get offended if I or anyone else disagrees with you. If this post becomes a toxic bad environment feel, I probably won’t want to do this again. Please be respectful and try and articulate things as if we were talking in person.


Thanks 4 all u do. Your info helps me a lot. Appreciate the time & effort & unselfishness that goes into it. Looking 4ward 2 the feedback.



Inari: average speed

To make this special work you should let your opponent fire his special skill over a 3 turns timespen, good on titans when paired with Wilbur and on defense when next to a high priority dispel tank as Boss Wolf to have a good chance to let his counterattack unscathed and to further increase his mana generation.

The sakura fox minion will:
shield 8% of caster’s HP (105 base HP)
and 30% of caster’s ATK (244 ATK)
give 7% mana every end-turn it stays alive

Minions synergize again with Wilbur’s shared damage + damage reduction under a certain damage threshold.

ATK: high
DEF: low
HP: average
DEF + HP = not tanky
DEF + HP + SPECIAL = not tanky
SPECIAL + tanky hero = very tanky

Best PvP position: Flank >> Tank
Usages: Titans, raid attacks, raid defenses

Mitsuko: average speed
Ok-ish damage on 3 targets, the -20% mana effect make his splitted damage worthy.
Over 4 rounds your caster and nearby heroes will reflect every Ice special’s damage & effect.

ATK: average
DEF: average
HP: high
DEF + HP = tanky
DEF + HP + SPECIAL = very tanky
SPECIAL + tanky hero = tanky

Best PvP position: Flank = Tank
Usages: raid attacks, raid defense, war defense


Thanks for taking the time and effort @Anchor. Truly appreciate it. Hope the playing community will be able to share their experiences and thoughts on all the current new heroes in a civil manner.

Inari was my first pull of the day and I’ll be maxing her after Drake. It’ll be a while before I realise her full potential so it would be nice if some or all beta testers who frequent this forum regularly could kick off the topic and share their thoughts on the two new Atlantis heroes. Any or all videos would be appreciated now that the NDA is no longer applicable on these two heroes.

As a side note… I’m interested in the Family Bonuses too. Has any beta tester played around with the family bonuses?

Anchor, thanks for all you do for the community.

I need some clarification on Mitsuko. Her special says “all allies reflect all status effects and 115% of the damage from ice Special skills”…

When I first read this, I interpreted it as saying it reflected ALL status effects (regardless of caster’s type) and 115% of the damage from Ice Special skills.

Above in this topic it’s suggested that only status effects from Ice types are reflected.

Which is correct? It has a big impact on whether or not she’s with the rings. I pulled her this morning.

Hitting a target shielded by Mitsuko’s skill:

  • It is a special skill?

Nothing happens

  • It is from a Ice hero?

Nothing happens


115% damage and effects reflected

Now the big question is: Which hero gets the rings first: Mitso or Zimmy…

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I best be careful picking teams with Mitsuko in them since I tend to run double Tritons…:laughing:

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I’m still underwhelmed by Inari. I pulled her (twice unfortunately) and might give her darts eventually, but not soon. My problem with her is that all her power is gated behind an enemy special cast and then coin flip. There is no other 5* who can end up doing literally nothing with their special. Sure, she can be very powerful if you dodge a few specials and get a lot of foxes, but again you need good luck on the dodges, and there are much more consistent ways of countering enemy specials. I’d much rather bring BT agains Zeline, Rigard vs. Justice, or Hansel/Gretel/Merlin to prevent a special than hope for Inari to let allies dodge. Lastly, I don’t think she’s good on defense because her ability only lasts 3 turns. Attackers should simply not fire specials during that time unless absolutely necessary, and there are much better heroes who delay enemy special use and have another significant effect - like Guin, Mitsuko, Hel, or any blinding hero. I found the nerf to 56% dodge chance completely unnecessary and debilitating.


What was her skill before nerfed?
It’s sad beta testers are pushing for nerf on every good hero. It is sure nice to sit with the first batch of hotms and preventing others in future from competing. I heard they are pushing a nerf for Evelyn who is just a green panther with life link.


Mitsuko will situationally be useful on offense, especially if they happen to have multiple blues, but outside of that she doesn’t seem to bring much to the table, though mana hate will always have its use. At first glance I’ve got her at C+/B- Titan, B offense, and B/B- defense with a low B overall.

I must be missing something with Inari. The way the forum goes on about her you’d think she was still the original beta build. I’ve got her at B Titan for pure tile damage, as her ability often will not be a major factor. On offense I can see her as an A since you can control when her ability goes off, and the meta has a lot of enemies that target multiple heroes, but even then I think she needs a reliable secondary effect to make her elite the way people have been talking about her. For defense, her special might buy you a few critical turns before an enemy hero tries to nuke you, but overall it seems a bit too easy to work around. Worst case scenario they can just roll the dice and take the coin flip odds if need be. I’d say B/B+ defense and B+ overall. There must be some combo I’m not seeing, if the collective drooling in the forum is any indication

Maybe the combination is Wilbur plus inari? Every special Attack becomes an AOE Attack. However both are average mana and may be a challenge to pull off, and her special only last 3 turns

That’s interesting. I hadn’t considered that Wilbur might count as separate attacks, but he certainly does for Khiona. Even if true though that wouldn’t really change my assessment that she’s best on offense where you can control when effects go off, because if it is and the enemy has inari and Wilbur active you’d only make that mistake once…
Would it roll for each shared enemy separately, or is it just based on the initial hit and applied to all? My suspicion would be the latter

@Whitey, I’d go with ZimKitty because she is more universal and not nearly as specific as Mitsuko. Just my two cents.

Beta tester are by no means trying to get most heroes nerfed. Some heroes are blatantly OP when they come into beta while others are terrible, and we try to even out those differences. Unfortunately, SG seems reluctant to go through many iterations of upcoming heroes with slight tweaks to numbers (eg. 15% more damage, 5% higher dodge chance, etc.) to finetune heroes before release. This results in some heroes who were initially really bad but then get buffed to the verge of OP like Gravemaker, and others who were incredible and then got nerfed into oblivion like Misandra. Yes beta tester wanted those heroes to change, but not to the extent the SG implemented.


I think you totally underestimate her as tank. Guinee’s states are 669/778/1347 and Mitsuko’s are 696/727/1450 , if she goes off, she ll do her mana reduction as Guinee(which is so annoying)and your blue hitters will kill them self, if they try hit her or any allies. But we will see about that soon.

Nope. Mana reduction is half Guin on average, ON DEFENSE.

Hit-3: 40% on corners = hit-2, 60% hit-3= average: 2.6 heroes hit with mana reduction.

Sounds much more useful with aim and timing on offense.

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Here are the English-language cards:

My experience from beta, summarized:

  • Inari can be very annoying and extend a fight for a very long time. Her down-tweak seems to have left her without a lot of utility.
  • Mitsuko can be used strategically in offense to devastate opposing blue heroes. In a tank role, she will be annoying, as bringing ice heroes against her can be very risky. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that she will prove to be a very good hero, though not against titans.

Hello Everybody,
Just got Mitsuko from Atlantis, not sure if shes worth investing rings... Whats your opinion? Is she an A card?

I’m curious as well. I just pulled her, too. At first glance, she looks pretty stellar. Trying to decide if I should ascend Zimkitha or save my rings for her.