🔱 Inari – 5* Holy/Yellow from Season 2

I understand your opinion which helps break down if the hero is viable for ascension mats.
I started leveling mine to 3-70 so I can play and test around.
I believe many players have given an opinion that the hero is now more usable but the minions needed to be more beefier so that the dodge could make a valuable asset to the hero special. I also think some other players have also stated that Inari attack stats are way better than Kadilen in contrast to defense stats so maybe depending on the emblem route, you may want to see in what type of playstyle she is best suited. I believe if Inari mana generation were changed to fast probably most player base would agree as an alternative for Kadilen Costume.
With costumes being added to S2 heroes it is possible it can also happen to Inari.

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But for costume you will need to summon again, and this it’s not buf but new hero, and with this low odds Its almost impossible to get tis hero again.


Personally, since the buff I never took Inari from my mono yellow offense, and she’s also in my defense (though I didn’t reset the emblems to move them from sword to shield). I really enjoy using her.

Ofc, C Kadilen is still superior - speed and overall beefiness making it much harder to take her down before she fires (and once she fires game turns into RNG nightmare). But that’s C Kadilen’s fault, not Inari’s. Inari really feels like balanced and reliable hero now. SG messed up by making Russell mediocre - it was their best chance at countering C Kadilen without destroying Inari that much. He was common enough to threaten Kadilen reliably - but for SG commonness of a hero is best reason to make it a trash apparently. I am worried whatever they’ll do to make players stop using C Kadilen will backfire on Inari a lot. Unless they decide to buff Russell, to at least make him have dispell.


That’s true, costumes always make the hero a new version hero. Probably Inari will give fiends on dodge! :face_with_monocle:

Exactly. Im talking about a buff to be her even with kadilen. Not again a kostume behind a paywall. Everything is behind a paywall that has to stop. Not funny anymore.

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Russel is no option because not everyone have one.

Make inari a bit more tanky. Let her summon minions on attack and after dodge and make her minions a bit better. They die to fast.

Even with that buff inari is weaker than kadilen because fast mana but a good option.

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She’s working just fine for me :wink:

Everyone dodged both Elizabeth and Uraeus :wink:

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I think some people overlook the fact that she is a Rogue class and can evade. Going against cKadilen, I can render her useless with Malosi. Against Inari, there is a chance she will evade and still cast her special. Is that a worthwhile tradeoff compared to cKadilen speed/stats? Maybe, but I bet people who try to hit Inari before she fires and miss would argue that it is.

Rogue evasion actually only avoids the damage component of a special. The effects still apply i.e. Frigg can dodge Alfrike’s cube, but the mindless attack still affects her


Ah, right I forgot about that. However, she can still avoid that sniper hit that will kill before she fires.

Her deff point must be at least 700-720 without emblems.

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