🔱 Inari – 5* Holy/Yellow from Season 2


Three weeks ago I was complaining Igot Inari. Now I think she will be quite useful in some raids and certainly titans. I had 12 darts, so today she got ascended!


Nice to see some love for Inari here. I had planned on pushing up Devana today, but Inari seems like some fun right now. Any thoughts from those with both? I love the dispell, but I wonder if Inari can improve survivability both from the dodge as well as the mana produced vs Devanas nerfed link. Anyone have a strong opinion either way?

Exactly what i am planning to do once i get the last yellow ball. Nice to see the final version.

Inari is a play style not suitable for everyone.
Yellow dispel is gold and Devana’s minion is 2nd fattest in the game.
I would do Devana ahead of Inari as she can be useful on both offense and defense. I love my Inari but Devana is prettier :laughing:
With minions everywhere in raids and minion wars Devana will be very good option.


Who’s the beefiest minion? Noor’s?

My Bad, Noor is only 30%. So it is Devana who has the strongest minion.

All do this is true, she has minions only for herself. Noor boost entire team with 30% minions.

This feels like another half-hearted buff (like Victor but at least he’s vf) Inari still looks fragile compared to current sturdy & fast hard hitting heroes. Thanks I guess?


I’m happy we got any buff, but I don’t think it was enough to make Inari competetive.

Taking into account it took SG almost 3 years to even consider buffing her I’m certain we won’t see another buff again anytime soon, if ever.

I guess there’s the costume coming, but that’s it.

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I put Inari on my defense team at flank. Quenell - Inari - Freya - Krampus - Kong and went to a standard defense instead of reverse to let my alliance test out a possible war defense. Definitely held cups better than with cJoon!

I woke up at 2795 (8 straight defenses) and that team got me all the way to 2857 before people started winning me back down to mid 2700.

Definitely a small sample size, but also definitely more effective raid defense. Very promising!

It was going to be hard to decide between her and Onatel for the next LB candidate. But @Ladis screenshot pretty much clinched it with that 784/1522 DEF/HP. I think Mine will be close to 1000 attack with mid-700 defense since I went all sword path.


I love my Devana. Her in a heartbeat over Inari


Rick is right.
Inari LBed is fire.

Can you share which emblem path you took for those stats pre-LB? I’m trying to find the best combination of attack and also sustainability for her. Also, what damage output are you seeing at 962 at normal attack (no DD, EDD, etc.)?


Which emblem path you took for inari? I really would like to put her in my defense team because that dodge is truly annoying for attackers. I do not know yet if it is worth to replace my roostley for inari on defense.

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This is LB Inari, full def/hp path. Still not the tough one, but can withstand maybe one punch more :sunglasses:


Mine is broken as well, but still at 82 +18. Not hurrying her up there as i have no other projects.
She has done a decent job so far, her dodge is ok and saves a lot of fights. Planning to put her on the def once she is at 85 and see what she does.
Her attack is so damn high. A must for titan

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Hey there.
Im playing this game nearly 2 years and inari was one of my first but was not worthy to be maxed.

After the buff i maxed her with+20 and i have to say its not enough. Kadilen costume is still better.

Kadilen more tanky, kostume bonus and fast mana.

inari avarege mana, less tanky , minions die to fast to be useful. Wirh luck you can make her fire once. Kadilen even with bad board avarege 2 times.

I think inari needs again a little buff. And no im not speaking about a kostume behind a paywall.

And speaking about blance in general, this game is bfoken like hell with more and more op heros released.
Season 1 and 2 heros fall far behind.

Its not funny anymore


I’d like it if she summons minions on her cast and during a dodge personally

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