🔱 Inari – 5* Holy/Yellow from Season 2

Have had Inari at 3/70 for a looooong, looong time. Every time I went to ascend her a guildie talked me out of it or I had a way better hero. Now, I think she’ll finally get her chance. She’ll go great on my offense with Freya. Not sure I can use her on defense though unfortunately.

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Been waiting a long time for this! Love the AOE, and while I agree that her minions should definitely have gotten a buff, she’s now at least viable on offense for maps and the occasional war.

Like others, she was my first maxed 5*. So glad she’s gotten love as I haven’t used her in forever.

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Well, a while ago I just felt like Inari isn’t good enough for offense anymore and I reset her and got emblems to Marjana. Now after some time, S1 snipers without costume or costume bonus are kind of becoming less and less relevant (to me at least) and Inari gets buff, so I might do the opposite now and reset Marjana back to emblem Inari :laughing:. I’m still not 100% sure if I want to exchange emblems or no.

I went def/health path before, because I felt like it’s more important to increase health of her minions as her 800+ attack is already huge in my book and I’d do the same path now (or possibly health/def path
to fully focus on minion’s health). After buff I can see her in a team paired with def dropper, like Grimm CB.

I have 1300 emblems lying around, Inari will definitely get them! I think she will be great on defense next to a purple tank. Only question is which path? this might be one of the rare hybrid cases for me. Little bit of this, little bit of that. With all attack, and the 56% dodge (good chance of giving minions), that 30% attack for the fox minions is no joke.

Full attack path give her 942/697/1423.

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This is a solid buff. I like it, she becomes immediately more useful.

Why is the “solution” for all of the underpowered utility heroes not to improve their utility or even to add new utility, but rather to add paltry damage to their underpowered utility?

Margaret sucks? How about we add like 100 damage to target and nearby? Wait, she still sucks?

Let’s apply this same reasoning to stuff outside of the game to highlight how absurd it is. The bicycle pumps our company produces is very inefficient and takes a few hours of laborious pumping to get tires half inflated? How about we fix it by adding a spoon attachment? Now it’s a terrible pump that can also double as terrible silverware.


great sarcasm but you are absolutely right … my food tastes terrible cold sg can you warm it up…? sg heres an ice cube

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With this I’m going to ascend her. Not because I love the hero, but I have 16 darts and no other prospects. Strictly for war depth and to put next to Freya on the tower events.


If you’d like to put her on defense I’d go def/hp route. Her 180% won’t be spectacular dmg anyway, but otherwise with 697 defense she is just soooooo glasssssyyyyyy. With full def path it is still 750 def, but almost 1500 hp. With some Bera or Freya minion, she may survive :smiley:

True, not spectacular, but 180% at 942 is still nothing to sneeze at. Plus, that tile damage on titans will be great.

If she’s gonna die, she’s gonna die. :slight_smile:

She’s here! Next on my list. After LotL

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Happy with her little buff - now I can use her even against buffing heroes for some little damage :slight_smile:
And she will now do something with her special against mobs too


I was really interested what animation her attack will have.

It seems like it is the same as Mitsukos’. I find it really underwhelming for an attacking animation, at least it is in line with the Sakura Family they both belong to.

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She made it back to my holy team (replacing Malosi who is great as well with his fast status block). The attack stat is amazing :star_struck:. She works really well combined with Drake or other blind heroes, especially against the Friggs, Odins & Morels. Surviving a first round of their specials goes a long way. The minions might be weak but adding mana can make the difference getting that one special loaded.


Here is mine. I am still testing her. After 5 raids, I find her really good especially against Frigg Odin Morel…


Tried her on +18 attack path. She didn’t disappoint, I have to say.

After C Vivica and C Leo debuffs the damage from Inari was around 550. Without those - about 220-260. Nothing instagamewinning, but it builds up nicely to the hero. She’s no longer the passive second support now which may win her back a spot in my yellow mono, especially now with so many aoe attackers in defenses. Add in a blinder and noone will ever hit you.

C Vivica - C Leo - Thor - Inari is such a good composition now. +5th spot free for Devana/Malosi/Mica/C Joon, whoever is needed for the match the most.


She was my first Season 2 5*, and it is still only 5* from Atlantis. I never started her as for me she was way too weak. Right now I plan to start her and put at least at 3/70 just after I finish Motega.

I myself use C-Joon / Malosi / Devana / Inari / Lady Wooly. Between Joon’s blind and Inari’s dodge, enemy attacks keep missing left and right (once, my entire team dodged a Frigg special!)

Malosi’s block helps reduce the risk even further by blocking ailments.

Really happy with this combo.

I had already been using it all the time before Inari’s buff, but I like that she can finish off weakened enemies now too.

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I am happy with her buff. 250 pts per enemy without any buff/ debuffs. Test raids are satisfactory. She is a default into one of my 2 or 3 yellow cards on raids.
She may also gets into my farming team but not sure if she will be useful with my LOTL not letting any boss fire so far.

Indeed, her combo with Thor is just crazy. Blinded AoE with Inari dodge on, is almost guaranteed total miss. And with Thor, the blind is flying around all the time. I accompany them with prof. Lidenbrock and these three are almost unstoppable.

She also pairs well with other minion makers - they protect the fragile foxes from at least slash attack.

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