Inappropriate name

I was updating our message board Something popped up saying my name is inappropriate. Here the name. Like the sword


I got that message with an old alliance of mine and we had to change to the alliance name if we wanted to be able to use the featured message.

I think this one is due to there being a filter in place for [Ex-Member] which is a system reserved name.

As such I think it may search for phrases/ variants of the “Ex” within the [ ] brackets.


I know [Ex Member] is forbidden. But [EX 50Caliber] with a fancy font? The will not decieve anyone to think I am trying to impersonate the administration. ATTENTION BIG BOSSES OF THE GAME. IF MY NAME IS FORBIDDEN PLEASE REMOVE THE BRACKETS AND SPACE BETWEEN THE X AND E OR JUST REMOVE THE E AND LEAVE THE X. People know me by the name toa and EX OR X. SINCERELY UNINTENTIONAL JUST TRYING TO BE CREATIVE AND LOVING THE GAME. YOU GUYS KNOW HOW MUCH SPEND ON THIS GAME

Not sure if this falls under discussing disciplinary action from support or not but here goes.

It’s clearly not spelled Excalibur like the sword. A way to hint to it and give the name an added meaning but mainly your guild name is 50 Caliber, like the ammunition for the M2 machine gun and the M107 sniper rifle. Not sure if that’s enough for a name change but someone may have found it inappropriate.

I’ve only one reported one or two names so far. One fairly recently and it was so way out of line I’m not sure why someone hasn’t reported him sooner or if it was a recent name change. If I did it one more time it was like two years ago and I don’t remember. It could also have been in another game.

Our thresholds are different though and if it indeed is from a disciplinary action and not a mixup with [Ex Member] it needs to be talked about with support and not here.

Please submit a in-game Support ticket so we can look into this further

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