Inappropriate Ads (**Screenshot**)

And here’s another little grenade into the mix.

If girls X battle was free to play, and e&p is, as some suggest, a form of addictive gambling …

Which is the greater problem to society?

True, but the minimum age is 13, so still minors. Whether or not the ads are too explicit for people of that age is a grey area that google shouldn’t be taking the risk with. Besides, if true about it being down to Google and Apple whilst SG have no say, there are plenty of other apps out there that don’t have age restrictions. E&Ps age ‘restriction’ is also not hardcoded/verified, it’s just a sentence in the ToS that they have to take your word for.

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Very true. to OP and everyone if you like this games and many entertainments. let’s not start a YouTube ad Apocalypse and other Ad Apocalypses that hurt businesses that people enjoy to their own liking. but hey at least they are not show XXX on kids websites. and if they are just record it and report it. then settle it in court and get a nice big Check $$$$$

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Personally I’d like more of a mixture.

I think oftentimes in games male characters get more interesting and diverse designs, they are allowed to be monstrous/scary/comical as well as buff and handsome power fantasy types, whereas traditionally female characters are designed to be conventionally attractive. I think Skittles is an outlier, considered female because of being classed a “bog witch”, but Sabina for instance seems to be rather well-endowed for someone who is life-challenged. I guess she could ask for compo from her cosmetic surgeon for the nose situation though :wink:

TL,DR: Yes, I think we could use some more female monsters, goblins, orcs etc. but as long as I’m the minority they will keep the status quo of fantasy babes fightin’ in heels.

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true but if i wrote down every difference my post would be infinitely long so i kept it short and simple. i hope u understand

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Yep, skittle skull is confirmed female due to the female form of the phrase bog witch being used on foreign language cards.

But no female dwarves??


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But on a serious note, yes, definitely need dwarves! They certainly have many good hair options. Just think of all the glorious braiding possibilities!

Look, I’m not interested in having a debate with anybody on the internet because the lack of having a face to look at apparently makes it okay to say all sorts of horrible things you’d never say in person. I posted this and made a support request because it’s against E&P community guidelines and they should be informed. So, regardless of whatever opinions you all have, E&P apparently thinks that it’s wrong and I agree and want to support that ideal. And for the record, I did complain about both Natalya and Zeline’s graphics when they came out. Look it up if you care.


I don’t think anyone said anything horrible @SamwiseTheBrave and the e&p forum is generally very well behaved and moderated.

And I don’t think anyone even particularly disagreed that this other game is pretty distasteful.

By internet standards, I’d say this was a very polite and thoughtful debate, and thank you for raising the issue.



(There is a game out there I won’t name—if you’ve seen the ads, you’ll recognize the description—and the ads are infamous and replayed on YouTube because they are sexual and objectify scantily-clad women walking thru the field of vision.

It doesn’t matter that the actual game doesnt contain any of these scenes or characters the game clearly is engaging in click bait. These unsavory ads are out there. But…)

In other news…SG is responsible for E&P, and has done a mostly great job at keeping the characters clean (cough Zeline! cough). Based on what I read today, Apple and Googleplay are responsible for the ads we see, so I’m not sure what SG should be doing differently. I’ll keep looking…

For someone that doesn’t reply you’re sure replying a lot. Apparently you’re not intending to reply to me or @SamwiseTheBrave? Why not? I don’t bite - can’t say the same for the hobbit though it depends on how hungry he is.

Well, this is a fantasy game with fantasy heroes with mostly unrealistic body shapes and a lot aren’t even (fully) “human”. As long as we keep that fantasy setting clear and distinguish that it has very little to nothing in common with the real world I think we’re safe.

I posted in that thread and I think I’m safe. Haven’t objectified anyone as far as I know. Which is indeed a disclaimer.

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It was really interesting to read this debate as there are not really much topics collected so many replies in such a short while. seems that the topic name made many members curious :star_struck:
So same mechanism as in the add. Make people curious so they click it.
Not sure if Googe or SG has influence but I agree that you never should see such an add on a free app. You can never guarantee that only adults see it.

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LOL I got an add the other day that looked like some sort of live chat for escorts. It was a bunch of half dressed women looking for people who were lonely and wanted to chat. Luckily my wife and kids werent around so I avoided having to explain what I was doing.

There is nothing wrong with Zeline… complain about Greg’s pedo-stash

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Pedo stash = anime sexism.
That game is rated PG for mild suggestive content. I find it disturbing. Little girls with seductive powers that can be mastered.
If the same game was produced with Manga style Adult characters I wouldn’t have an issue.
Except for more than the hint of mastery.
I have seen more explicit ads in vision but on investigating the game I realised it was a con.
The Fantasy style characters in here are fine.
Still waiting for TC 20 to produce Domitia
Zeline has green leggings…I think.
Lots of parent child players I noticed.
Probably safer here than watching Sailor Moon.


Btw E&P in Google play already 7+, not 13+.

I miss this thread and miss that game?
So sad right now. Sooooooo sad.

Need to search on google play something to cheer me up :nerd_face:

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How about Mystic Vision advertising the 2nd rate copy of E&P…

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