Inappropriate Ads/ Mystic Vision MASTER

Thus ad had two guys or one cross dresses guy kissing and then a gf or wife walks in. The inappropriate part is one of them is very obviously rubbing his hand in the other’s groin for like five seconds in a row.

Should turn off personalized ads :joy::joy:


I am not sure what you mean or are getting at to be honest.

I am not keen on the ad but can’t personally see any indoctrination, brain washing or child abuse (mentally).

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I think it’s turn ON personalized ads to only get content based on your searches/interests

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I got a “spin the bottle” thing, where first the girl takes off her dress, then her top, then ends before you can force her to take off bra or panties. I think that’s way over the line for a game that’s available to children.

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I really don’t know that SG/Zynga has control over the ad content. If you selected personalized ads in your apple or play stores then you should not be seeing these ads. If you are still getting inappropriate ads maybe try this

Good luck


I think the admob is for people who advertise, not for those who are being advertised too. Some ads have a “block this ad” option, but more and more don’t have that anymore.

Yep. Most likely ON and who knows what sorts of searches are performed on their devices. All I get is Royal Match and that Zombie survival match 3 game back and forth.

Instead of blaming someone who’s not responsible for this and make phobic comments, should definitely take control of one’s own device. Not very difficult.


Dear SG,

If you’re going to increase the number of ads you want us to watch per day, can you at least give us an option not to watch sketchy wannabe Japanese BDSM content?

I really don’t want to have to explain to my wife why I have to watch three adds a day featuring topless anime girls with the words “punish her?” below.

I mean, WTF Azur Lane game??


Is there a way to set advert preferences?
I want to set so that no adverts are unsuitable for children. Despite reporting a particular ad every time for a week I nearly always get the same advert.

The most annoying to me are ones that automatically open the App Store and try to get you download them. Those are extremely annoying.

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Yea, that’s quite annoying. But what has helped me is turning on guided access on iOS when I’m playing the game and running ads. Then it won’t open up the App Store for a while after that.

I seem to always get ads that are safe for work and suitable for children, and I think I have set it so that ads are not tailored to me either. Not sure if that matters anything though.

Maybe if one starts clicking on those ads one get, that are suitable for children, the system will somehow cache it and show more? I´m so low techy techy, sorry, I´m not sure if that helps at all.

Good luck solving it :four_leaf_clover:

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really bad adv i block it right away :persevere: