Inadequate war score calculation

Our opponents and we have the same number of shots (4 for each side) and double tries (4 as well) at war. The result however is our opponents win by 1 point! How is that possible?

This is not a mistake. This is quite possible. This is due to rounding in mathematical principle in a big way. There are also more significant discrepancies. The initial cost of the Alliance may differ. This could happen when rounding points during finishing operations.


Due to roundoff it is possible for a two hit to give one extra point than a one hit.

Etwaska was hit for 743 points first.
Next two hits were 392 and 352 adding up to 744.

Sorry it worked against you this time.

That is utter nonsense. A glass of beer won’t become a 1.01 glass no matter how many times one approaches to drink it. A 700 score should remain 700 despite the 2 hits to gain it. The result being we loose this war through no fault of ours I still consider this to be a bug

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It’s math. If two partial scores are 391.5 and 351.5 (totalling 743) the roundup gives 392 and 352 totalling 744. Not a bug and to “fix” would likely require a rewrite of the program.

The roundup also affects the starting point values so that there are many cases where the totals of the two alliances are not exactly 1500 and not exactly the same.

Then this is bad maths, and by no means should be considered a way to go

Bad maths? LOL

PS you can also see the roundup in the alliance totals here. Both add up to 1502. For mine with more participants we generally go between 1506 and 1520, and I have not checked a war where both sides were the same.

Edit: next time it all might just work in your favour.


Losing is always a shame, especially when you are separated from the victory by such a small number of points. We understand you perfectly. But these are the terms of the game. We are not your enemies. We are trying to explain to you what it was and that this nuance of scoring works both ways. Just by winning, no one thinks about whether the points were calculated fairly for killing rivals, whether the original unions were worth exactly 1500, and after losing, of course, you need to find out who is to blame.

The Russians have a sporting saying: If the team won-the players are great, if the team lost-the coach is to blame. :wink:

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Is a 5k war score difference normal between two matched teams? I don’t usually notice this stuff, but the battlefield difference was so huge, it made me check the war and alliance scores. I know alliance score does not count for war matching, but it is a decent indicator of an alliance’s potential. Alliance score difference was about 15k. The 1100 points difference at the end, reflects the field situation very well…