Inactive participant in the war

Tell me, please, if a player does not enter the game and does not participate in the war, then the jackdaw is automatically removed from the war? The inactive player is the leader of the alliance.

Just need clarification on the ‘Jackdaw’ (autocorrect)?

Do you mean the absent players team?

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After a pair of wars he would automatically opt out of wars.


Several threads have been created for this. Some crafted it under the Bugs category. All I know is if a player has missed several wars, the game system automatically opts such player out of the next wars.

If the affected player is the Leader, then the only recourse is to migrate to another alliance either by creating a new one or by merging to an already existing one. A “dead” leader ultimately comes down to a “dead” alliance. May not be now. But sooner or later.


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