Inactive/Opted out players still in war


The same thing happened to us but suddenly the inactive players have disappeared from the battlefield


We believe we have fixed the issue now.

The bug was only visual, so these players were never counted in when the matchmaking was made. Let us know if you are still experiencing this issue by sending in a support ticket.

Thank you for your patience - have a lovely weekend and good luck in the War!


Yup. It’s fixed. Ty



Now my players disappeared from the battle field (those one that were included by the bug) , but the war matching has already done… so… what a big mistake…


Same thing happened to us but we were matched with an alliance that has the same number of players so I figured those two teams weren’t included in the match up.

Still, it was a little panic that I don’t need at my age :smiley:


I hope you’re right. Our inactive player has been removed from the battlefield but our opted out player has not, unless he opted back in at the last minute… I’m not sure…



The players who remain on the battlefield should all be active and opted in. Please ask the player in question to send in a support ticket if they think there was some mistake.


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