Inactive Leader


Our leader has been inactive for 507 days along with the majority of the Alliance some of which are still involved in war leaving flags on the field. Can we speed up the so called 60 day inactive process of booting a leader since it’s been over 500 days? I took screen shots to show my point.

It looks like the problem is all other members are just members. I don’t think the algorithm can promote a member to leader.

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It might be better for you and the active members to leave and form a new alliance together.

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2 issues here:

  1. only a co-leader or elder can be automatically promoted up to leader position if inactive
  2. people who don’t participate wars at all (i.e. don’t use at least one flag) will be opted out of wars after missing 2 of them

Take @Hyakuman’s suggestion and start a new alliance with the other active members.


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