Inaccurate titan loot?

We just finished a level 8 titan. I received the top score. So I had a loot tier 11 and performance score of A+. According to a guideline in the forums that would give at least 3 ascension materials. I’ve attached what I received.

Is this accurate? It seems extremely scarce and inaccurate.

Thanks in advance.

You received 2 wooden shields and a battle manual. 3 ascension mats.


That just seems so ridiculous.

Thats the sort of loot you’ll receive more often than not I’m afraid!

Craziness. I’ve never seen it that bad when in the top 6 positions.

From a year ago.


And at a 15. That sucks.

It only gets frustrating because you get A+ not that often so your expectation is that it will be pretty ■■■■ good loot because you finally beat the other 29 guys in the alliance and scored top. Reality is that the change is barely noticeable. The crap drops on all the loot levels, even beating the level 14 titans where the loot is XVI-XVII level. You’d need to score A+ hundred times, then A another hundred and compare the odds, it’s likely about 1% greater chance to get 4* mat on higher loot level but it’s still 96% chance NOT to get it so…


Ive been getting the same type of loot. Even after beating 5 titans for the wanted level missions.

Why is it that every time I have A+ on Titan, I am never given three-star or four-star advanced materials, while some of the low-attack ones have?

Beauty of life.


Have a look here; chances for mats everywhere. No guarantees.

I always get A+ on my Titans and normally the loot level is XIII. I get a 3* AM each 3 or 4 Titans. To get a 4* AM I need like 50 or 60 Titans. My alliance kills lvl 8 to 10* Titans. I dont find much difference on people that do A or B scores. This is my experience. Maybe others can say something different.

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