Inability to perform barracks conversion

I have a member of my alliance who is level 14 but cannot convert a training camp to a barracks. The convert button just doesn’t appear. Any ideas my friends? Thank you in advance.

Rather than a training camp, tell him to use a forge. He needs to have stronghold level 10, and the forge needs to be at least level 5.

Is the Training Camp at least level 5?

Thanks a bunch. I will pass the info on to him and we’ll try that.

I think it is level 5 or above. I will double check. Thanks.

You need to have Stronghold level 10, a building, preferably a forge at level 5, and a builder free and not doing other construction work to convert.

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Thank you. Is there any minimum player level to make the conversion?

Nope, just Stronghold 10.

And please use a Forge. Training camps are SO important later in the game, and you don’t want to interrupt their work to level troops. Forges often sit idle.

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Thank you very much for the input. You folks are all very kind.

And keep the barracks open all the time. Even once it’s built you have to wait until you aren’t building anything before you can toggle back and forth.