In what order I should set up my main (offense) team?

hello all, asking for advice and opinions, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have:
Sabina 3/70 +9
Poseidon 4/80 +3
Lianna 4/80 +2
Gravemaker 4/77 (getting some emblems soon)
Kiril 3/70 +3

At the moment I’m working on Seshat (2/45) and just started with Vivica (1/11).

Until Vivica is ready or Ariel will join the family (oh please RNG Gods help me :-)) I want to add Seshat when ready and keep Sabina as healer since she is my best healer at the moment.

My question is what is the best set up from left to right with

Poseidon, Seshat, Sabina, Gravemaker and Lianna

and what is the best set up wit

Poseidon, Seshat, Vivica/Ariel, Gravemaker and Lianna

Other 5 star heroes I have are Margaret, Anzogh, Sartana (3/63), Obakan and Leonidas…but since I want to add a healer I concentrate on Vivica and hoping for Ariel one day.

Thanks, cheers and have a great day! Wimster8

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I know a lot of players order their heroes left -> right, and fire them in that order if charged. I get why since it makes matches faster if you can set your muscle memory to respond that way. If that works for you then that’s good.

With that said. There are few situations to hold onto a cleanse or a dispel on offense but generally using them first is the way to go. So I would put your healers (Sabina, Ariel, Vivica) for offense on the left.

You don’t need to run a rainbow team for offense either. Depending on the tank or flanks, it may be better to go with 2 or 3 colors only. A 3-2 or 3-1-1 formation is what I use most, you can also go full mono if you want with 1 color but it’s high risk with a bad board.


It really makes no difference whatsoever considering the order in which they charge is completely board (and you) dependant as well as the order you fire them in. As @DaveCozysaid, some like to set them up in the most common order they’re needed in and in that case just playing with them and paying attention to how you use them will tell you that.

Hi WIimster, do you have Ariel already…?
Cheers from Spain :wink:

No Nikita, not yet. But who knows, this weekend is Atlantis weekend so I will give it a try again.

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Looking forward to Atlantis :slight_smile:
Good luck with Ariel! Cheers

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thanks Nikita! nice to see you here by the way :slight_smile:

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Hero order on offense is not very important. The main consideration is where to place heroes that affect nearby allies. For instance, a riposter like Boril is wasted in the corner as there is no hero on one side for him to add riposte to. Same with Aeron who status change protects nearby allies. None of your heroes fit that category. Secondary consideration is placing same-colour heroes side by side, which exposes them to harder hits from a splash 3 hero.

Other than that, it’s all personal preference.

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Nice to see you too Wimster :slight_smile:

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