In war Caedmon didn't remove Borill counter attack

Recently at war raids, skills don’t work properly. Because of this feeling of something going wrong, I have been paying more atention.
I fired Caedmon special skill towards Borill and Boldtusk. The rest of enemies were already dead.
Caedmon didn’t remove the v sign of conterattack and further attacks with other heores were countered. I managed to win but it should have been easier.
I think there are also problems with Rigard mana charging but not a 100% sure, so still monitoring this.

Various possibilities, Caedmon could have been blinded or have an accuracy debuff like gamblers stance or Boril could have been protected by a debuff blocker.

Difficult to know without screenshots


Yes, by the time I noticed it was too late to do the screenshot. I don’t remember any blind ailment or debuff. But in next war I’ll try again with Caedmon to check what happens.


I’m curious if protection from Brynhild would stop the secondary effect from triggering. Anyone have any idea? Was Brynhild next to Boril?

I don’t remember who were the tank nd other posotions but I think they were from season 1.

Go to your watch tower find the team n post a pic

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War attacks will not be listed in the watch tower .


Good point :+1:
Still can review war teams from the past war.
Show the team you faced.


Yes we can still see war history who we attacks and then check the opponent teams.


This happened to me in the tournament this morning. Fired Caedmon on enemy Colen (L-wing w/out riposte). Riposte remained on Borill (R-flank) and Li (R-wing). Other enemies were Kashhrek (L-flank) and Chao (dead tank).

Still without pics or correct attacking/defending team impossible to solve.

Sounds to me like either miss chances from enemy joon, justice, bane or own attacking team with wukong or ranvir.

It often appears that debuffs exactly last for that last round.
You fire.
You wonder.
No debuff to see.
You ask for help :wink:

Were you using Wu and was his Special active? That’s the most likely scenario I can think of. Can’t say for sure without screenshots though

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or Ranvir! It happened to me, and I’m pretty sure I hadn’t activated WuKongs power yet. I didn’t lose the fight so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Was there maybe a an S3 hero from the niflheim realm in the enemies team? They give your heroes blindness when they’re on low health


Sorry, by the time I read your posts, war was over. I’ll double check before posting just in case.
In current war, Caedmon dispell worked fine. So it might have been a heroe that I don’t remember that stopped the dispell.

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