In the troop of 4* mana. the healing bonus


In the troop of 4* mana. the healing bonus

I add healing pot I will receive + the healing bonus of the troops ???


20 chars and more



Minor pots usually heal for 100, with 13% healing bonus 4 star level 6 mana troops it heals for 113 as displayed in the above screenshots.


Perfect and thank you for your dedication, I won 1 purple troop 4star I will give Sabina :slightly_smiling_face:


The great thing about troops is you can use it with whatever (matched color) hero you want. Sabina today, Sartana next month. That’s why they are worth investing in.


@tylerDirtyn Rigard when special use will heal the whole team 42% + 13% bonus for all team or just Rigard? could you tell me


Only Rigard. The troop helps only the hero that it is attached to


Only heroes with healing bonus troops receive the benefits. In 4 star that would be Mana troops, In 3 star that would be the balanced attack/defense crit troops and the defense health troops.


Does the healing support in AW receive a boost as well?


No, it is flat percentage



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