In raids, does the opponent get a damage boost?

The math isn’t adding up. When I use the same heroes with the same power/troops, the computer always hits a lot harder than my damage. Is this on purpose?

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Yes, the defending team gets an invisible bonus to ATK and DEF. I think it’s 20%, but it might be 15%. It’s to even the playing field for the poor inferior computer mind, and maybe another thing or two.


Well that’s extremely frustrating and it does NOT balance gameplay in my opinion. Because the player still has to land tiles while the opponent does not - they gain mana every turn plus when non-damaging tiles hit. Players especially with mono teams can go an entire battle without hitting a combo even with very fast heroes but the computer never will.

This is why people hate SG. Game mechanics are meant to frustrate, not to enhance gameplay.

When combined with the relatively new raid formations, this makes beating high-powered squads with top heroes very, very difficult for players around my level (2-3 max leveled 5*/color). But you may be interested in knowing that this showed up in the most recent beta notes:

Other changes and fixes:

  • Testing how decreasing the raid defense team buff for high level Raids affects the gameplay experience and defense win rates.

I don’t know any further details and no changes are guaranteed, but it’s on the table of ideas.

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