In raiding, what do the numbers mean under the opponent heroes?

Hi dears,
I have an absolute noob question.

In raids, underneath the opponent’s heroes, there is a health bar, a mana bar, and a number.

That number changes. But not in any way that I can make heads or tails of.

What do these numbers mean, please?

I never bothered with that before.
The health bar and the mana bar were always good enough for me.

But now, using merlin, hansel and gretel, timing is important.

Can these numbers help with the timing? If yes, how do you read them, please?

It’s the number of turns before they make an attack. When it’s on one, after you send some gems to attack, that hero will attack.

Took me a while to figure that out tool. lol


Lovely, thank you very much indeed! :hugs:
I have been watching those numbers for a day or so now, but I could not make heads or tails of them.

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Everyone’s got a blind spot :blush:

I’ve ignored them too but now thanks to this thread I’m paying attention. I have the same question though, how do we use them strategically. Do I hit a 5 or a 1 or …

If you have an opportunity to knock out a hero, consider hitting the hero with the 1 so they don’t hit you first!


The number also freezes once their special is charged (changing to an “S”). Once they use their special, the number picks up where it left off.

There are rare times where you have the option of letting the enemy use their regular attack or intentionally charging their special with tiles to delay that attack by one turn. This is mostly applicable to enemy healers and enemies that strictly buff or debuff (Cyprian, Kiril, Kashhrek, etc). That extra turn could be the difference between having a chance to charge a heal or final attack for a dying hero and not, which could decide very close battles.


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