[ in progress for v15.1 ] Reinstate Riposte damage from a dying hero


The damage caused by a counterattack from a hero suffering a fatal blow was removed in the last update, under the guise of a “bug removal”.

All this has done is render ALL Riposte/counterattack heros largely redundant, thus crippling a lot of low to mid level players’ teams, where these types are a staple.
What possible harm is there to reintroduce what was a logical occurrence anyway?

As I suggested in a different thread, a simple rewording of the special to include (a rough example) “Dying Breath…counterattack with xx% of damage received upon receiving fatal blow”

This would (and could) allow you to leave the “bug” intact and, at the same time, not severely frustrate a huge chunk of the playing community.

Thank you.

[ fix coming with v15.1 ] Cyprian's counter not working

So this wish is coming true:


I trust the devs at their word so here’s to Obakan, Boril and the rest helping us for many fights to come :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the cross post ChoppedLiver!


I’m very close to quitting this game. If I hadn’t seen this that they caved to the pressure I would’ve just hit my 1 year mark and left. SG has ZERO clue what the real players want. They just do everything willy nilly and hope players keep forking over thousands of bucks more. It’s a fun game, but needs developers who are actua gamers and know what the player base wants and needs as opposed to being PC and killing off any fun in the game.


I get where you are coming from, but in the devs defence, they do have to try and implement new ideas and other general repairs to things they consider broken. When, as in this example, players take umbrage at a repair or implementation, they do listen and adjust things accordingly.
We can’t have it both ways: a dynamic, evolving game and everything being perfectly what we want.
I think as long as both parties are willing to listen to each other then Empires will be just fine :slightly_smiling_face: