In need of info

I have been looking for a chart of sorts to explain what buildings are needed at what level to get to SH20 the fastest. A few of our smaller members are wanting to know.

Need 5 lvl 18 iron storage buildings as a minimum to get to SH20. has info on what takes how long and how much to build, and you can figure it out.

I’ve also invited you to the Spicy Academy hosted on Line with some of Mixed Nuts’ to players. They have a lot of the info at their fingertips, and they’re also willing to make videos to help.


I’ve more info to add after my vacation, but if you see any stats missing from the wiki, and you can get screenshots, please post it here!

I know there’s a lot of stuff to update. Dragone hasn’t done anything with the wiki in a year, and I’m still trying to find time to coordinate the couple players that stepped forward to help update.

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Check my topics, I have one just about that, and iron needed for buildings. (I’m on phone so linking is a bit tricky, just click on my profile and topics)

Thank you both @Coppersky and @RedPython