In need of a new home

Mighty Insurrectionists would love to see if you’re a fit. 11* titans and war winning strategy.

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Hi there! The alliance I’m currently visiting is looking for 1 strong member. They’re top 100. Name: organized chaos. I see my gurl @KahlanAmnell is typing too :slight_smile: I love the insurrectionists too

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Poseidon’s warriors has 3 openings. We kill 8* titans and do well in war. We are looking for someone with a TP of 3000k and above. You must have at least 800 cups. We like to chat but that isn’t mandatory. We are supportive and understand about real life issues

hello chris take a look at our alliance Rhapsody of Destruction. we are hitting 9/10 titans regularly and we are competitive w specific war strategies. hit me on line: Humongous_dancer

Hello - looking for your weight class, competitive without feeling like it’s work? We’re hitting 10 & 11* titans, ready for 12 as soon as we’re back to 30 players.

We keep Empires & Puzzles fun while keeping 100% participation in wars & on titan hits.

Discord a must, but comes with an amazing resource library!

Drop by for a chat and see if we’re a fit for each other!

Check out Blazing Dusk! We’re a great group of people with great cohesion, war strategies, and a really fun place to be! If it seems up your alley, feel free to contact our leader through Line! Blazing Dusk

Cream of the Crop would love to have you! We are just a new alliance but we are growing strong!

We are looking for a war eager team mate with 4k+ defence team. Friendly and supportive atmosphere, 11-12* titans.

ZERO is an alliance family of 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. We have a common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.

Give us a try!

Check us out

If you are looking for a good competitive alliance, that’s friendly, understanding and a mix of experienced / mid range players come check us out at Holy Wolves. Give us a try you won’t be disappointed

We are starting a new elite alliance with the sole purpose of hitting the hardest and collecting the best rewards. If you would like to be with us from the start come check us out at The Art of War Vol I.

I can vouch for the majority of the group, they are an eager and motivated bunch that came with me from our new feeder alliance (The Art of War Vol II).

Come be a part of the new elite :crown:

If you don’t find what you are looking for, there are line groups that also exist, looking for new players.

once you have found your home, please tag me (@Rook) and i can close the thread.

Guardians Reborn. 100% active.

We might consider you, if a suitable bribe was offered.


I second Guardians Reborn.

We eat Magnificent Bastards for brunch. :shushing_face:


Send invite to Craker
Good dude in Maine (lobster yeah!)
2500 trophies
3800 D

Glad to have you Craker!

Thank you

@Rook plz close. Actually if you are able plz close all my old posts. If not i can go threw and tag you

Come join echoes of chaos

As requested. (Tag me in any thread you wish closed.) :slight_smile:

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