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Can someone please tell me if there is a trick or something to getting at least 4* heroes? I’m level 24 with maxed 3* but the game hasn’t given me a single 4* or better in summons whether bought or earned and in my higher level training I haven’t trained anything better than 3*. Also, now the daily summons have only been giving me troops and no heroes at all for two months straight. Any help would be awesome because I’m starting to hate this game. Especially when I see low level players like level 14 with five 5* heroes which seems just ridiculous.

The elemental 10 pack is where I got mine. Until you get your training camp up to 20 to try there but very rare there. Hope you get better luck

Two tricks:

  1. take a deep breath… and release… continue to do that for about 9 months. Enjoy the process as you progress and don’t compare yourself to others.
  2. buck up
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TC20 can be good for free/cheap to play…….I have done 17 so far and got two 5* and six 4*, the rest 3* feeders. It takes two days but can definitely give some good heroes with a little luck! I will quote some other veteran players, “this game is a marathon, not a sprint”.


Credit card if you want fast.

Upcoming Atlantis and do a 90x pull with 8600 gems. I guarantee you to have at least a full team of 4* and more. If lucky, you will also get a few 5* heroes thrown in the mix together with 9x unfarmable AMs.

If not, the just gotta heed the advice of those above mine. :blush:

There’s no trick (other than getting a functioning level 20 Training Camp going like @LadyAnesthesia suggested). The the draws from the summoning gates are purely random, and it sounds like you’ve been having some bad luck.

The more summons you do, the better the chances that you’ll get a 4* or 5* somewhere along the way. But of course, that can get expensive (if you’re buying gems) or take a long time (if you’re free to play and just collecting gems as you find them). That’s why TC20 is so nice. You can get a draw every 2 days, with about a 5% chance of getting a 5*.

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