In my defense

I was wondering if some of you Savvy and knowledgeable people of this game could give me your opinion on what would make a good defense team, these are my heroes

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Alasie delilah marjana quintus elkanen

At current levels anyways. Once more are leveled up this would change. (Please max sartana before quintus btw lol)

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I like it. What abot swappin alasie and del around though?

Alaise could slow attackers better than extra heal or minions but I think that it could work either ways :wink:

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I just like putting opposite colors of tank on the wings, plus del is average mana. Valid point about slowing mana of 3 though, i like it either way. Just wanted to hear your thoughts

What about Vivica? She heals more than Delilah but Delilah gives you a little bit of offense and defense but Vivica heals for quite a bit more and they’re both of the Holy element

Azlar - Alasie - Delilah - Sartana - Marjana

You are pretty weak on green

Both Vivica and Delilah are good. But with so many dispellers around, I give Delilah the edge in defence

Do you think Alasie or this dude would be better in your defense party?

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