In honor of Thanksgiving, let’s tell SG some of the things they’re doing right

Good morning everyone! Today is Thanksgiving in the United States, and since this is a holiday centered around giving thanks, I thought it’ be nice to tell Small Giant some things they’re doing right. It doesn’t have to be restricted to what you’re thankful for; it can be anything you enjoy or appreciate about the game, game support, or really anything from the simple pleasure of shooting down geese to the more game-changing alliance wars.

Here’s my list:

  • Shooting geese! It’s a fun, yet simple unique pleasure in the game.

  • The foxes in season two stage 10 are ADORABLE. I like playing games with visuals I can enjoy.

  • Being able to make friends and chat with allaince members.


Thank you SGG for a game where even the casual player or playing for free players can enjoy. Way too many puzzle games out there where you will essentially need to pay in order to advance into the levels because level aids aren’t free and doesn’t even get handed out randomly.

Appreciate bringing the beautiful artwork / graphics together, I am liking Mitsuko the Geisha, Inari the 9 tailed fox (don’t have them, but doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them). Now please do something about Greg, he seemed really out of place. LOL.


Thanks 4 a game that allows us 2 experience a gamut of emotions. Thanks 4 the strategic, fun challenges packaged in easiness


Thanks for a place to discuss the game without politics being tossed at you. Also the game being able to be played for free is a major bonus. Even if I don’t always.


Thanks for everything, from a highly enjoyable game to the errors / glitch / bugs we can rant on :smile:

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Thanks SG for training my patience! Just started playing Idle Heroes and men it’s almost like I don’t have to wait to get nice heroes and free summons + gems :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanking SGG for an all round enjoyable game, actually the best in its category so far .


I am thankful for…

  1. A long-term game. I have no patience for games that are over as soon as they start.

  2. The non-childish graphics. Thanks for my beautiful castle and dashing heroes :grin:

  3. A forum that allows us to discuss ideas, gain information and receive feedback when needed.

  4. Beta testers! Yeah, I know they’re given a lot of grief, but I’d love to know just how many bugs they catch that get corrected before the general player has to deal with them…

  5. The ability to have an amazing alliance full of wonderful people from around the world! (And no drama!)

Thank-you SG!


These are great, everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving all! And thank you developers/she.

I know Thanksgiving is an American holiday but nothing wrong in showing thanks even for things outside if the traditional holiday.

That said I know things can get heated on the forum but I think it’s because they are passionate and when simine us passionate for something they will defend it extremely.

I am grateful for so much but for game related:

An awesome community!
A constantly evolving game that entetainns me
Friends in this game
My personal luck (hero draws lol)
The fact I can play on my schedule! While celebrating this holiday I am not forced to be on all the time it be left behind.

To the devs and players alike… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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