In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions


It´s just a detail, but in spanish the “Elder” grade for a member of the alliance should be translated as “Mayor” not as “Anciano”. This last refers to an aged person, not a higher grade one.




I was looking at my heroes and decided it was time to ask you nicely to correct some french error. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Sumitomo’s turn.
– French (wrong) : Le lanceur riposte avec 100% des dégâts qu’ils reçoivent pendant 5 tours
– French (right) : Le lanceur riposte avec 100% des dégâts qu’il reçoit pendant 5 tours

I’ll be back later again with some mistakes if it’s okay for you. Thank you ! <3

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The Dutch translation in troop barracks is wrong.
When levelling troops, in Dutch one reads the text ‘Troepen die als trainingstegenstanders worden tijdelijk uit het spel genomen’ The Dutch word ‘tijdelijk’ means temporarily suggesting that troops will be available again after a while. This is not so! Further more the vocabulaire is not correct. Suggestion for new text: ‘Troepen ingezet als trainingstegenstanders worden definitief uit het spel genomen’’



There’s a funny italian translation mistake in the descriptions of loots from raid tournaments.

If you click on the question marks displayed in the screenshot you can read the probability of any draw.
So, as an example, in top 1% you read 1 draw for atlantis coins.
The expression “one draw” is incorrectly translated as “un pareggio”. It should be “una estrazione”



The Dutch translation of Proteus’ card is incorrect. The translation says: “All enemies receive X damage over 3 turns” instead of “The target and nearby enemies…”.

Thanks to our observant alliance leader. :v:




Anzogh in the last skill said: “Element link gives all fire allies +46% defense against defense…”

I know he gives defense against ice, but it is confusing.

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And there we go with another translation fail, Polish version… It says it heals each ally 20% of THEIR damage done. Do you guys need any hand with translating? Wizard and Sorcerer are still messed up, new tournament translation is so confusing as well. Im offering my help, for free ofcourse as i love my language and whoever is getting paid for that well… just donate dude, have some class…


Anzogh – New April 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion

@BlindOneManArmy Can you please add those translation errors here:

I know there are a lot of them…hoping to get dev attention to fix them.



No my friend, this is pointless. I did that twice already, no reply, no comments, no effect. I did that when they messed up Wizard’s and Sorcerer’s names by simply calling them opposite. I mean come on, how difficult can it be so change 2 names? We had 2 big updates since then, nothing happened. Just move my post to proper topic please, as im getting lazy when i see lack of interest by SG.

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Sorry they haven’t fixed those still. I moved your posts, and am messaging the Staff to point out the translation errors.



Thank you zephir1, you are doing great job here and this is just another proof. Well done.

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So 2 quick ones since i can see some efford. In description of Anzogh just change 1 (one) word, Instead od “nich” should be “niego”, as he doesnt heal 20% of allies damage done (nich), he heals 20% of his damage done (niego). And please guys, its been almost 3 months since reported, wizard is czarodziej, sorcerer is czarnoksiężnik, just swap these two and problem is sorted. As well read again polish description of the new tournament please, it doesnt make any sense until you read english version and figure out by youself what author had in his mind (part about win/loss ratio). Thank you.

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The description of family bonus (atlantis hero) is ambiguous in Indonesian language.

It says:
para puak memberikan bonus untuk setiap pahlawan “tertentu” dari puak yang sama dalam pertempuran.

“tertentu” is better translated as “certain” instead of “unique”.

They should have write it like this:
para puak memberikan bonus untuk setiap pahlawan “unik” dari puak yang sama dalam pertempuran.

“Rogue” class should have been translated as “berandal” instead of “bangsat” because the latter is a curse word, a profanity. I have complained about this one a month ago.

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Thanks @zephyr1 for merging the post.

I forgot this thread :sweat_smile:

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English Word ‘draw’
Wrong translation to “empate”

The most common translation for ‘draw’ is “empate”, but in lottery terms would be more correct the word “intento” and “intentos” for plural.




I would like to point out a needed correction in a spanish translation.


The word “empate” was probably taken from the english word “draw”. The problem is that “empate” means to tie, for example “the soccer game ended 1-1 so it was a tie”.

A better translation would be “sorteo” as the intended word I assume is “to take something randomly from multiple options”.



Same in the Dutch translation. The word that is used there now means when two teams score the same and no one wins, like a tie in a match.
It’s now “Gelijkspel” but should be “Trekking”.



Thanks @zephyr1 for moving my post, I wasn’t aware of this one.

Good thing that the spanish translation issue of “empate” was already pointed out. It was suggested to use “intento” which also is a very nice translation. Feel free to pick “intento” or “sorteo”



You’re welcome! I’ve reminded the Staff once or twice that there are new translation errors here, so hopefully they’ll take care of them at some point soon.



The discription for namahages’ special attack is incorrect in Dutch. It states that the attack will go up 20% for 45 turns and increases by 5% every time they are hit.
It should be: Deelt 290% schade aan de tegenstander. De spreukspreker krijgt +45% aanval en +20% elke keer als ze geraakt worden gedurende 5 beurten.