In Game Translations for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions



It’s not really a translation error but in german there is an space to much in the information of the fire defense shield infight.

I’ve seen it at different heroes.


The translation of Sir Lancelot to german is wrong.

The english Lancelot says you get “+ attack” , the german says you get “+ Verteidigung” (defense), so in german ist must be “+ Angriff”


And just noticed another one. Merlin
It should be:
“Das Ziel wirkt automatisch Blindwütiger Angriff auf einen zufälligen Verbündeten sobald er innerhalb der nächsten 3 Runden volles Mana erreicht.”

If you translate the actual text back to english it says “casts mindless attack on a random enemy when mana is full for 3 turns.”


Another one from Russian language. It’s not actually a translation mistake, but an inaccuracy that leads to some unwanted associations…
The matter is that “member of alliance” is perfectly translated as “член альянса”. But among Russian speaking people “member” without directing noun, as “of alliance”, “of parlament”, “of society” etc. is frequently understood as “■■■■■”, exuse me. Especially among the underaged gamers, I must add.
Could you, please, change that to something more definite like “член альянса” or “соратник” or “рядовой” etc.


Hi everyone. I’m new here so pardon me if you have already had such a topic. I have been playing since September and there have always been some mistakes with the russian translation of the game, but they were tolerable. It got worth during the last event - most of the new heroes’ powers beeing messed up. And now the update - you have changed all the names that we have been used to. For example, I am not able to ‘ascend’ my heroes anymore, I must ‘reborn’ them,.which even doesn’t sound as fun :slight_smile: moreover, there is no such word as ‘переродить’ in russian in such a form. You can’t give birth to someone more than once. Thank you for reading, hope, you find a better translator.


Polish word “porażka” means failure, nonsuccess, defeat - to lose. Yes! Example: This was a defeat, but it is far from the final word on the issue. OR. It is a failure of the whole economic system.

I mean, we killed (many times) the titan, we won but there is written still “porażka”. That’s means that we lost. But it isn’t true because we killed him.

I have 5 screenshots. I hope, it helps.


same in russian. defeat instead of victory. Need to check the english version.


Big thanks now is correctly titanium instead of defeathas " PORAŻKA" ma defeated " POKONANY" in POLISH

for us is more or less the difference as between drink and drunk


in polish is that same członek member dick - pecker członek … sorry my be change for uczestnik -participant


Why there is no Arabic language in selected languages !
How ever there is so many players who are Arabs !


You can search the Foreign Language section to see how many people post in each language. :slight_smile:


I found a spelling error.

You need to write Поделиться ИДЕЕЙ


I noticed an error in the French version

“Tous la cible”

“Toutes les cibles” -> “all targets”
“De la cible” -> refers to one specific target


Since last update (?) my Zeline card says “tous les alliés reçoivent -28% d’attaque pendant 4 tours”. it’s not “alliés” but “ennemis” i hope !


like now:
online - не в игре (“not in the game” in Russian)

it should be:
online - в игре (“in game” in Russian)

like now:
offline - в игре (“in game” in Russian)

it should be:
offline - не в игре (“not in game” in Russian)

you need to swap translations


Dear devs,
I found few mistakes in game, store and hero intros
in this one in English language when you get to boss tire It gives golden BOSS but in Arabic it been wrote as رائع which mean Fantastic !!
Correct word is الزعيم

In English version it is Hero and “nearby alliances” but you typed it الأعداء which means Enemies !!
Correct word is الحلفاء

In store in English version you typed Daily signin
but in Arabic you’ve written الخول which means GAY !!! :joy:
Correct word is الدخول

Please correct those mistakes :sunglasses:


Hey .
I just wanted to give note on a hilarious spellingmistake.


I hit enter too soon.
It has misspelled the word dispelled… so the norwegian translation has translated misspelled :smiley:


in the alliance when a member is promoted or degreed the sentence in Spanish is badly writtenhjfjj

in the game figure ej:
x player ha ascendido a x coolider
x player ha degradado a x coolider
this is a bad translation

the correct way to write it is

X coolider ha degradado a x player
x coolider ha ascendido a x player

first goes the name of the person who performs the action.
and then goes the name of the player who is affected by that action

I hope I solve it since it generates a lot of confusion thanks

Bad translation

Hi guys, here’s two translation bugs for Russian language :slight_smile:

  1. “Share idea” button in Support menu.
    Now (wrong): “Поделиться идей”
    Correct: “Поделиться идеей”

Sorry, no image here, I can’t insert two pictures as I’m a new user.
If you’ll have problems to find this text - let me know.

  1. Gregorion’s description on a full-screen-view.
    Now (wrong): “Искуссный лучник”
    Correct: “Искусный лучник”

A bit of a grammar-nazi from my wife :slight_smile:
Cheers :slight_smile: